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Orchard Bank Credit Card Online

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Leo Said:

what is required to open a credit card on orchard bank online?

We Answered:

I think their fee is around $ get a card. So if they give you a credit limit of $200, it would only be $150. and of course interest- late- over limit fees like any other card. They are a bit higher than other cards .
Their cards are for people that can't get credit else where. It's a good way to start or rebuild your credit as long as you make payments on time and don't go over the limit.
What I didn't like about them was even when I paid off the total amount, they had monthly fees that I wasn't aware of & when I didn't send in the $5.fee or so, they tacked on a $25. late fee! So I closed the account.
Their enrollment fee may be higher now , I still get stuff in the mail saying they want me back. After reading the agreement form it said you start out with a $200 limit but their start fee of $149. reduced you available credit to $51. So you are in debt before you even use the card.
I was pissed paying them $30. I didn't feel I owned so why would I agree to start again & give them $150 for nothing?
But if you need to start or build credit it may be worth it as long as you pay on time & pay every month rather you have a zero balance due or not.
$5.00 isn't that much if you are aware of it and late fees aren't tacked on.

Enrique Said:

Anyone know where I can go online to get preapproved for multiple credit cards???

We Answered:

What do you want- multiple cards? (unwise), or better cards?
You are not going to qualify for cards better than those based on your info and tolerance level for filling out applications.
Just work with the cards you already have- credit history builds credit, newly established revolving credit does not.

Dustin Said:

orchard bank secured credit card?

We Answered:

It wil depend upon the bank.. ask them

Francisco Said:

Anyone know another credit card besides Orchard Bank where I can get it online and build my credit?

We Answered:

Yes. There are other credit cards besides Orchard Bank. There is Capital One which is good for people with limited credit or trying to build credit. There is Discover, American Express, Chase, Bank of America.

Brittany Said:

I have an Orchard Bank CC...what other unsecured Credit Card should I apply for, for low score credit?

We Answered:

I'd let the Orchard people report for a few months before you go and apply for another high interest card that undoubtedly has at least a 59 dollar annual fee.
once you get a little better score by paying the Orchard people, try a better company that don't charge a silly annual fee.
It takes time but with discipline, you can get a good credit score in a just a few years.....depending on you history...maybe sooner...maybe later.....dicipline is the key.
Good luck....

Ronald Said:

Has anybody else of tried orchard bank credit cards?

We Answered:

You have only had the card for 2 months. Getting your interest reduced or asking for a credit increase, won't happen any time soon. You may(?) get a credit increase without asking in 4 or 6 months. They like to see 'at least' 4 to 6 months history between each credit limit increase.

Keep in mind, the Silver is a credit builder/rebuilder type of card and is not a prime card. So don't expect much with it. If you are paying a yearly fee, request that they eliminate the fee when the fee becomes due next year.

If you keep that card in good standing and have other good credit, you may be able to eventually start getting prime cards.

Once you start getting prime cards and near the time when your yearly fee becomes due, if Orchard won't drop the fee, raise your limit or work on lowering your interest, tell them that you are going to close the account if they don't at least drop the yearly fee.

As long as you don't have the yearly fee, you can throw that card into your sock drawer and just let it sit. It will help your scores by gaining history.

Just be sure that you have already included some prime cards before you decide to close it. Since closing it will have a negative impact on your scores for awhile.

The most I have seen people complain about Orchard is that they do not grow with the person like a prime card company does. Your Ad Here

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