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Pay Sears Credit Card

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Sergio Said:

Has anyone stop paying for their sears credit card?

We Answered:

You will have a collection on your credit report, and possibly a judgement because they may sue you. If you can pay atleast the minimum please do so because this will ruin your credit!!

Jaime Said:

I lost my job and can't pay my sears credit card..its about $2000,what can they do to me?

We Answered:

Well first it will just be delinquent. They will call you and annoy you. After a while it will start to affect you credit rating.

If you don't start making payments eventually it will go to collections where they will get more aggressive. The credit damage is pretty bad now.

The final outcome will be if they decide to seek a judgement against you. If they do then they will move to enforce that judgement which could involve seize assets or garnishing your future wages when you eventually get a new job.

I really suggest you make the minimum payments. You don't want to have bad credit over such a small amount. Your Ad Here

Discuss It! said:

I understand having been there with bad credit due to not being able to pay my debts. I got help from someone and he gave me a solution, a lengthy solution which I quite don't remember clearly.