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Pay Sears Credit Card Online

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Diana Said:

can i pay sears credit cards bill at sears store?

We Answered:

But you will get your bill in about 30 days or longer.
Since they bill monthly.

Vicki Said:

Can someone give me some SPECIFIC retailers where I can pay with an online check w/ routing and acct numbers?

We Answered:

I don't understand your way of thinking. Using a debit card will directly take out of your account just as it would with giving a routing and account number. If you have had trouble in the past, you should definitely look into having an account just for your online purchases/debit card purchases and only keep enough money in that account to cover what you will be using.

I can tell you now that absolutely NO retailers accept this type of payment you are wanting to do, unless you are in their store physically and present them with one of your checks and they present it electronically (Wal-Mart and Target do this).

Grace Said:

How to get a 'pre-approved' credit card...?

We Answered:

Most likely you will need a secured credit card to get a definite approval, but you might get away with an unsecured card. Since you already tried going through many websites, I did a search for you though the Official Credit Card Database.

Here's what I found for you to try:
You need to be a student to get that card. If your not a student, then this would be your last option:

You're welcome to look through other offers. I hope I was helpful :).

Best of luck and let me know if you got approved for anything.

Best of luck!

Danny Said:

need to find the site to pay my credit card bill for Sears?

We Answered:

put the bill payment on your debit card and pay it at the bank machine

Irene Said:

Why does america online think I owe them money when I never bought anything from them?

We Answered:

the only way AOL makes you pay is when you give them all your credit card info online or when you get aol, if you think they accessed credit card numbers on your computer, its ok as long as you didnt put any other info with the credit card number, if you did i suggest taking it all out, copying it onto a word document and password protecting it, if you put all master card info on ur computer then 1) i h8 2 say but ur stupid and 2) its illegal (they stole ur personal info, SUE AOL THEY SUCKKK) Your Ad Here

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