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Prepaid Credit Card Application

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Charlotte Said:

Prepaid credit cards available to non-US/UK residents?

We Answered:

Well do you mean like prepaid cards as in like visa gift cards or do you mean prepaid as in a secured credit card?

The problem with prepaid cards is they are not accepted everywhere(I have two visa gift cards and can't use them online). Another problem with prepaid cards is if your American and trying to build credit they don't report to the credit unions so you lose a major advantage. But I'm not sure if China has a credit union so there may not be much of a lost here.

Secure Credit Cards are considered "real credit cards" but with a fix limit. They are taken everywhere credit cards are taken and they report to credit unions. Again not much use if China doesn't have a credit system. is a awesome site to learn more about this stuff. But it's more geared toward American comsumers but you can still learn a lot there.

Sally Said:

Looking for a credit card that you may have with bad to fair credit, and not prepaid> The last card I got was

We Answered:

They don't exist. A credit card is unsecured, which means if you don't pay, the lender (credit card company) has limited means of getting their money back. Therefore, those that will lend to people with poor credit will minimize that risk of loss by limiting the amount of credit they will extend. If Orchard and Capital One are limiting you, then more than likely there is a reason.

Your better option would be to determine what is hurting your credit rating, and fix that problem. This should be priority over taking on more debt.

Peggy Said:

15 year old looking for a prepaid credit card/debit? Please help?

We Answered:

Maestro/Mastercard will give you prepaid debit cards. Therea re various options, but the one you probably want is Splash! plastic, which can be paid for by text on your mobile phone and is designed for young people.

If you set up a bank account with certain providers they automatically give you a debit card system, if your parents agree to it.

Douglas Said:

Difference between a Credit card and a debit card?

We Answered:

Credit cards you have a set limit, pay interest and is reported to the credit bureaus. Debit and prepaid only allow you use what you have available. Debit cards typically are associated with a bank account and prepaid cards are cards that you can add cash to at any given time. All 3 can be used to make purchases as long as they have a "visa" , "mastercard" logo.

Frances Said:

When will the apple iPhone APP STORE allow us to purchase prepaid cards instead of only using a credit card?

We Answered:

The prepaid iTunes gift cards work for the App Store. It's all tied to the same account. Buy your iTunes gift card, and redeem in iTunes like normal, then click on the App Store link and purchase away! Your Ad Here

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