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Prepaid Credit Card Online

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Gary Said:

Can you lead me how to buy prepaid credit visa card online?

We Answered:

Go to

You can order one online and you won't have to pay anything right now. I think the initial fee was $9.95. There are tons of places to reload it with money, all of the locations are listed online by state. Some examples are currency exchanges and local grocery stores. If you sign up for a monthly fee of $9.95, there will be no ATM or other transaction fees. If you don't sign up for this fee, you'll be charged $1 per transaction when used as a credit card and $2 per ATM transaction. You can also get your paycheck direct deposited to it.

Oscar Said:

does any one know where i can buy a prepaid credit card online and load it?

We Answered:

try western union

Cory Said:

Im living in New Zealand and would like to know where or from who I can get a prepaid credit card online?

We Answered:

Potentially here:

Let me know if you do it and it works!

Gwendolyn Said:

How do I buy a prepaid Visa online with a credit card?

We Answered:

It looks like you have to activate the card before you use it, so I think you have to receive it in the mail before you can do anything with it, or you can go to Wal-mart or somewhere and buy one and start using it right away.

this is what I found:

"Do I need to activate my Visa Reloadable Prepaid card?
Yes. Review the materials that came with your card for details. The activation process varies, depending on the provider that issued your card; however, all program providers are required to collect specific cardholder information prior to card activation."

Frederick Said:

Can you buy prepaid credit card online and use it instantly to pay via Paypal for an item on eBay?

We Answered:

Yeah! Of course. I've done it many times and it totally works! :)

Gabriel Said:

Is there anyway to load a prepaid credit card online?

We Answered:

It depends on the prepaid card. Although I think most let you transfer funds from your bank account.

If you don't want to inconvenience your dad, contact the prepaid card company directly yourself, just on their customer service line and ask what payment methods are available. Your Ad Here

Discuss It! said:

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