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Prepaid Credit Card Student

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Todd Said:

Prepaid credit card questions ASAP!!!! PLZ?

We Answered:

Designed for Students of all ages, the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® helps them use their allowance to make purchases at school, area malls, and local businesses - wherever MasterCard® debit cards are accepted. Since the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® is a prepaid card the kids can't spend more than the amount loaded on prepaid card.

No, more worrying fees, the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® doesn't charge any overdraft fees, interest rates, late fees etc. and the amount you load on the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® can be used to set the spending limits.

Of course, setting the spending limit is one of the features, but the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® gives your child the power to manage their money. More than 35 parental controls that come with the Allow Card prepaid MasterCard® help you keep a tab on where your kids spend their allowance. Apply online at:…

Martha Said:

Prepaid Credit Card Question?

We Answered:

A prepaid credit card account is opened by depositing money into that account, much in the same way you would make a deposit to open a checking or savings account. Once you have money in your account, you're issued a prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere one would use a regular credit card. The best part of the prepaid credit card is that you can charge to your heart's content and you won't be in debt. The money is yours and once it's gone, you can't spend any more until you make another deposit. There are no bills and no interest charges. It's the same principle as using a debit card linked to a savings or checking account.

So what's the catch? First, you'll have to pay a fee to set up your account. The amount varies, but you can probably expect to pay about US$5 to $10 to open a prepaid credit card account. In addition, you'll have to pay additional fees every time you deposit more cash into your prepaid credit card account. For those with bad credit, the benefits of a prepaid credit card far outweigh the risks. They're able to reserve rental cars or hotel rooms, and don't have to worry about credit card bills and interest payments later.

Those who are planning to use the prepaid credit card to pay for a monthly Internet subscription, or to purchase an item where a fixed amount is deducted from their card each month, might be dismayed to learn that this might not be possible. Many of these businesses don't want to do business with a prepaid credit card because there's always the risk that there won't be any money in the account when it comes time to pay the bill.
Unfortunately, the new law has for student credit card borrowing is now set to be tougher for all under 21’s. The biggest new obstacle for those under 21 will be getting a co-signer, which can be a parent or any adult willing to put his own credit score on the line. (…

And if by any chance you getting a co-signer, then you should consider this before applying credit card :…

Gilbert Said:

Prepaid Credit card? (suggestion/ info please)?

We Answered:

A prepaid card does not build credit, but sometimes after you've had it for awhile the bank will change it to a regular card.

You mentioned that you are in school. Get a student card! They are your best option for building credit. Student cards are very easy to get. Take advantage of it while you can. Many student cards offer points! I don't know which cards are available in canada but if the citi mtvU is available then get it. You get points for good grades. Your Ad Here

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