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Process Credit Card Online

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Tracy Said:

How to Process Credit Cards On-Site for Online Store?

We Answered:

Upgrade your paypal account to merchent or premiere. You should be able to process credit cards through paypal. X-Cart should already be integrated with that option. If it's not working you should probably contact X-cart support.

My honest opinion, and what's worked for me, is to stick with as few payment gateway options as possible. Customers don't like to be confused. And i personally like buying through paypal because of the buyer protection it provides. I hate it as a seller, but as a buyer it's awesome.

Oh... if you decide to use paypal as your primary gateway (My recommendation after you contact xcart support) spend 5 bucks to buy the security card. It's absolutely worth it, it's easy to use, and it will save your account from getting hacked.

Hope this helps!

Myrtle Said:

How To Open Credit Card Merchant Accounts Online?

We Answered:

It's easy to open a merchant account online. There are many merchant account providers that will let you process credit cards online. PayPal is a popular choice.

But if you need more features that require a true merchant account, I've found this one below to be quite helpful in getting setup .. .. it's pretty fast to get setup and their fees are very reasonable.

You also get a free merchant account when you setup your payment gateway through them.

Hope that helps!

Jean Said:

Anybody do online credit card processing? What are the percentages you pay?

We Answered:

Don't go by rate alone. The only way to compare companies is to compare the total of all fees for the month and divide by your Visa/MasterCard/Discover sales (this is what your rate really is for the month). Include all fees for example; monthly minimum, gateway fees, internet transaction fees, batch fees, network fees, any fees from third party companies besides your processor.

Martha Said:

How can I process credit cards online and give out passwords?

We Answered:

You have to use an online credit card processor, of which there are many.

Marion Said:

What is process when using a credit card online? Help!?

We Answered:

Don't panic.

The card was authorized because you are not over your limit. BUT responsible sellers (like the one you tried to buy off) will normally only supply if the order address matches the credit card address -- otherwise it could be fraud. You should find that no charge has been made and no product will be supplied. Authorisation does not imply that a charge as been made against the card, just that the card was chargeable.

This is a security measure and to execute an order you should either ask for delivery to your registered card address -- or use a different card that relates to the address you want deliery to. Your Ad Here

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