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Delores Said:

Truecredit vs. lifelock credit monitoring....?

We Answered:


(Both companies offer different types of services)

True Credit (TC) offers the opportunity to pull your credit report on a daily basis but will penalize you if you do, even though you pay for that service.
If you pull more than a couple times a month, you run the risk of TC closing your account. If that happens, you would also run the risk of no longer being able to access your credit report for TransUnion online.

LifeLock basically locks your credit report for $120 per year. (You can do the same by freezing your reports through the credit bureaus for a lot less money and in some instances for free or if you are an ID theft victim you might place a fraud alert on your files).
LifeLock also has a serious black cloud hanging over it. You might Google Lifelock itself along with Robert Maynard Jr., LifeLock CEO Todd Davis and Fred Thompson.
(in my opinion LifeLock is extremely unsecure and you might as well paint your SSN on your car or post it in every section of Yahoo).

If you want to lock your reports then you might place freezes or fraud alerts on them.
If you want to keep an eye on your reports on a daily basis then you might consider companies other than TC. Such as PrivacyMatters 123, Credit Secure if you have an Amex card account, PFico if you have a Providan card account, myFico ScoreWatch, etc., etc. Your Ad Here

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