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Real Time Credit Card Processing

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Carolyn Said:

Question about Debit/Credit Card transactions...?

We Answered:

I keep a visual of my account in my mind as I go along, but I am sure to balance my checkbook atleast once a week. And you say you don't know one person who keeps up with their expenses, but I am sorry to say you are wrong there. Maybe you just haven't physically seen anyone doing it. If no one kept up with their expenses, then everyone would overdraw their accounts, right?

Having a checking account is a responsibility you must be willing to take on. You cannot blame your account becoming overdrawn on slower transaction processing. You shouldn't spend, or try to spend, money you don't have.

Please, if you don't know how to balance a checkbook nor bank statement, ask someone to teach you. All bank personnel are capable of this. If you do know how, please do so to keep up with your expenses.

To answer the question about transaction speeds.....All businesses and banks use slightly different systems, which can affect the speed. Also, running your debit card as a credit card could make something clear faster or more slowly. There are numerous reasons.

Jerry Said:

accepting credit cards for REAL SMALL purchases (Minnesota)?

We Answered:

Visa's and MasterCard's rules prohibit merchants to set up any minimum charges. Discover leaves it up to the merchants. Amex does not let merchants to impose a minimum purchase amount only if this merchant also accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Lorraine Said:

How to verify paypal account without bank account?

We Answered:

Get a prepaid credit card. Make sure it's one of those who allow you to check transaction online.

Gordon Said:

Where can I find a credit card with no credit needed for it?

We Answered:

With no credit history you will only be able to get a secure credit card, go to your local bank or credit union for the most help.

To establish his credit history, talk to your banker and say you want to establish your credit rating.

Open a savings account.

Be a regular and persistent saver.

Take out a small loan using the savings account as collateral, and then pay it back. This will do wonders for establishing history.

Apply for a secured credit card. Using a secured credit card is a quick way to build your credit rating. Pay your credit card balances on time.
After a few months (8-12) of having the secured credit card, apply for an unsecured card...secured cards are meant to be used short term

Kurt Said:

What is "real-time credit card processing on a website"????

We Answered:

It means that payments can be made via the website which are performed in realtime. In other words, the user enters their details which are immediately checked with their bank, and if they're valid the debit is made immediately. Your Ad Here

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