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Sears Credit Card Application

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Danielle Said:

I Need help in getting approval on my Deprtament Store credit card apps.?

We Answered:

Stop applying for credit cards. You are only making your credit score worse.

Go to your bank and check into a secured credit card. You deposit $X as collateral for the line of credit. Use the card and pay it off in full every month. After 6 months to a year, you should be able to get a regular major credit card.

Amy Said:

Does opting out of prescreened credit card offers effect immediate store credit such as a Sears card?

We Answered:

No. I've been enrolled in the opt-out for about three years and have never ran into this problem. Since you know you have good credit, ask them for a copy of the credit report (you are entitled to by law after denial). Odds are some info was input wrong either on your report or on the Sear's request for it. This way you see what they see... The opt-out program just limits you to only receive offers from companies that you already hold an account with; it has no effect on your credit score but it does limit the number of inquiries which helps your score in the long-haul. Keep in mind that Sears may have pulled your report from Transunion or Experian, without checking the Equifax report.

Alicia Said:

I am a salaried employee, but all my credit card application are denied for insufficient credit history. Help!

We Answered:

well...I know exactly what you're talking husband is a recent immigrant as well. The best way to go about it is by starting with secured credit cards (that's when you put a certain amount of money--go for $1K since you have savings, you can afford it...into a special savings account with the bank you're requesting the credit line from...they'll issue a card based on that money staying there as security...

use that card (better yet, get 2, they're small) for about a year or so, paying off regularly and ontime, then reuse...that will establish your credit. Most banks will have this type of credit card available. In the can probably also get a car loan, they're more flexible about tradelines since there's some collateral. Likewise, furniture stores are generous with their approvals.

After a year (maybe sooner) the banks will allow you to change that credit card account from a secured card to a regular account if you've paid on time.

Also, I think the first credit card I got was from Nordstroms...they used to be more accepting of thin ...of course that was a while ago, but they pride themselves in putting the customer first, so you may have more luck with them.

Maria Said:

Job at Sears?

We Answered:

go for it. you have to make the most out of your career

Gene Said:

How to start getting credit? Will I qualify for a gas card?

We Answered:

Almost any bank will have a secured credit card.
You're guaranteed to get one because they banks won't lose anything if you mess up. You open an account with $300+ that holds your credit limit open, and within a year or so of good behaviour you can upgrade to a regular card.

Olga Said:

Under age Credit Card usage, am I responsible for this?

We Answered:

Well....where do I start? Um, first and foremost, it is obvious to me that somewhere along the line you learned this from someone close to you, or you were never really told how to use credit properly by your parents, teachers, etc. Society in general plays a big role in this type of thing, although you did make the choice on your own, the world we live in today does not promote "responsibility" anymore. The basic message is "image over anything else, no matter what". That is why everyone has at least one car loan today and $50,000 in credit card debt. I truly feel badly for you!
To make the right choice here will change you, and actually make you feel better about the whole situation. Pay the money back. You can accomplish this through "negotiating the debt". You will pay MUCH less than you borrowed, but you will have given back a portion sufficient enough to satisfy your creditor's. Lawyer's will charge you a minimum of around $1,500 and a debt settlement company may charge around $750. If you are willing to spend a little time on this, rather than money, you CAN do this on your own. It is really not that difficult, it just takes a little time and effort.
I have a FREE e-book you may want to read
This will explain how the system works as well as tell you how to protect your credit once you get it straightened out.
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