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Sears Credit Card Online Payment

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Amanda Said:

Having second thoughts on the Sears Credit Card?

We Answered:

Ok we sound similar - I've got 4 kids and 100k income, and I live on a mountain top near ski resorts and have at least 10-12 good snows a year. What I found was that it was better for my budget to set aside 14 dollars bi-weekly - year round to pay the landscape guy down the road to plow my drive automatically when it snows.

Sure it costs 200 or so a year BUT I also knew that the odds of having the snow blower go more than three years without a major breakdown which will cost a lot to repair were small because one my teens were bound to run over something they shouldn't and shear a drive shaft or pin and then there is the time and space to store it and the issue of do I feel like getting it out when I get home after a long day when there is 27 inches of snow on the ground. There is nothing like getting home to a professionally plowed drive! So is it cheaper - no IF I could plan for no repairs and didn't value my time but the enjoyment of not having to do it is well worth the 7 dollars a week I budget for it year round and the knowledge that it is not adding to my debt at high credit card interest rates. I suggest you may discover the same thing plus because I pay cash - I get 10% off from my plow guy!

By the way - things sound really tight for you right now even though you have a good income. I really reccomend Dave Ramsey's book Total Money Makeover. It is the only money book designed for those of us who are in debt and struggling. It has helped us go from just making it to finding success in money management. Might be worth considering.

best wishes

Ronald Said:

if I have a credit limit of $300, and I pay $500 towards my account, what's my available balance?

We Answered:

The last time you made a payment though your bank, you waited 5 days for the POST OFFICE to deliver the check.v If you had paid though the cord issuer's website, the payment would have been credited the same day, of the following business day. EVERYONE you talked to at HSBC knows EXACTLY what they are talking about. YOU have no clue how credit cards work.

You need a DEBIT card.

Michele Said:

Do I have any recourse if a credit card company denies payment of an online transaction due to suspected fraud?

We Answered:

No. Those protections are in place to prevent fraud. Neither Sears nor your card issue is "liable" for a one-day sale. You did not "lose" anything.

Leona Said:

Why is it that credit scores depend a lot on paying on time but nothing is mentioned about "floating" due date?

We Answered:

I canceled a Mobil credit card for that very reason! They don't get any of my business now.

The floating due date thing is a trick some (not all) credit card companies use to trick people into paying interest. That practice is prohibited under the new credit card legislation that is going into affect in the US (Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 , section 106 ).

As for the credit score basis, that's kind of a different matter. The score is based on if the person "pays as agreed". The floating due date, as ridiculous as it is, is spelled out in the agreement. So, if one pays as agreed, they will still get the payment in by the due date, regardless. The credit score is a measure of how trustworthy the person is and how much they pay attention to what they agreed to.

Jimmie Said:

How can this identity theft case not be solved?

We Answered:

I suggest that you sue Sears for damages, including emotional harm. And then Sears will have a good reason to make everything right for you. Or else, Sears might end up having to pay you a lot of money.

If it comes to a jury trial. The jury is more likely to sympathize with you than with Sears. Your Ad Here

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