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Secured Credit Card Canada

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Leah Said:

Un-Secured Credit Card with 564 & Zero Debt in Canada?

We Answered:

Whatever bank you want...just ask for a Secured Card.

Jim Said:

Where are all the places I can apply for a secure credit card in Canada only?

We Answered:

The resource below has a list of canadian specific credit cards that might work for you, hope it helps:

Harold Said:

In Canada, if I file for bankruptcy for credit card debt. Can I be taken to court to overturn the bankruptcy ?

We Answered:

Hi, I emailed you, hope you don't mind. I can only suggest how I can help you.

Tom Said:

Does Capital One have a secured credit card? I found one in Canada. I need one for the states.?

We Answered:

I does not look like they have a secured credit card option. However they do have prepaid cards and also programs for limited credit histories. Your Ad Here

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