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Small Business Credit Card Bad Credit

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Elsie Said:

Business Credit Card with bad credit?

We Answered:

no not at all, you go for a gold card first only good credit scores get the polatiunum,

Michelle Said:

Looking for business credit card for my small biz. Personal credit is bad but I have my EIN, but been declined?

We Answered:

Now a days they are not giving credit cadrs that easily. Also dont apply if you think they will decline your application as this will effect your credit history. Try Amex they used to give the business cards very easily. Also apply thru the same bank in which you have bsuiness account.

Heather Said:

Will the police help a small business recover goods stolen via credit card chargeback?

We Answered:


but here is a resource site…

Tom Said:

I want a loan to make money. Small business loans/credit cards for ppl with bad credit? Exponential growth?

We Answered:

This what people do not get, PROTECT YOUR CREDIT RATING because it will haunt you for years to come.

In your case you need a card so you can "juggle" things, what does that mean? So you can run it to the limit and get into more trouble with credit.

If you haven't the money YET to start up your own business you go out and work for someone else until you do have some money and then if you reallllllly, realllllly want it bad enough get another job and save money.

Good luck but depend on your own work to get you going NOT credit cards.

What the heck is wrong with saving? Oh I know the I want it NOW attitude.

Nelson Said:

Is there a credit card that will approve my small business for credit. with my personal credit being bad?

We Answered:

find card that tailor for bad credit. get the best rate possible for bad credit. don't expect rate to be lower like others. once you get it spend it and make sure pay on time. don t' ever late. you are in bad credit already don't go into worse credit category. once you feel you have accumulated some interest find other bad credit card with 0% INTRO APR for balance transfer to save back on the interest. and again make sure read all the term. bank make money out of people mistake and it is legal. you purpose to have a card is to get easy on your biz and build your credit a long the way until you can get lower rate credit card. so use it wisely for your advantage. Your Ad Here

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