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Steal Credit Card Number

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Georgia Said:

i saw an item on the internet i would like to buy but im not sure if its a scam (or steal credit card number)?

We Answered:

You did not give the URL (the web address) for the item you are talking about, so we can't tell you if the web address is legitimate or not.

It is illegal to use someone else's credit card without their permission.

So do not buy the item - nothing you see on the Internet is so important you have to buy it.

Phyllis Said:

is it possible for ebay sellers to steal your credit card number and take all of your money?

We Answered:


Yes, and their systems can be attacked too.

That is why PayPal is such a great system!

They act as en escrow, and send only the money between the two parties. That way your personal information is safe and secure from the multitude of sellers you may use over the years.

Use it, and sleep good...


Natalie Said:

How can a person steal yourr credit card number and use it to make purchases in the internet?

We Answered:

1. Immediately notify all credit bureaus and have it pull on"Fraud Alert".
2. Also request a copy of your free credit report at or call 877-322-8228.
3. Call the company in question and tell them you are not aware of these charges and you will sign an affidavit of fraud

Cheryl Said:

can someone tell me how could someone steal a credit card number?

We Answered:

If you dine out or go to a bar and give your card to an employee, you are at risk.

If you do not sign your cards, you are at risk.

If you buy services or merchandise through websites that don't offer security payment features such as SSL socket layered protection, you are at risk.

If you have a family member who is known to have been dishonest in the past and you have left your credit cards or checks in an unsecured manner, you are at risk.

If you give payment information over the phone (especially if it is a cordless device) you are at risk.

If you pay for anything via the mail or receive billing regarding credit card payments, you are at risk.

For more information on how to prevent Identity Theft and recover, visit these resources...

Alberto Said:

Can a proxy website steal a credit card number?

We Answered:

Yes - this is how a classic man in the middle attack can happen.

But don't get too scared just yet - it depends on a lot of things. Do you have any link to the proxy? i.e. is it at work or a proxy online?

If online, why are you using it? If you are using it behind someone else's network, then ask them for security policies in regard to data collection, network logging etc. Any of your personal data that passes over a corporate network you cannot expect any privacy in the first place.

If its an internet based proxy - then I would steer clear of passing any personal details including any usernames and passwords via it.

Best of luck

Clarence Said:

Is it possible for someone to steal my credit card number if I have a hijacker on my computer?

We Answered:

all these people saying its unlikely are False,

First: press ctrl alt del and click on users, you should be the only one logged in, if so, good chances you dont have a hijacker, if there is, Then you have one no doubt,

you could still ahve one even if theres no extra users, to remove Hijackers, etc,

One of the first things to do when you suspect malware is DISABLE System Restore.
If enabled, this allows malware to hide in the computer and re-install itself.
So, to disable it, RIGHT-click on "My Computer." Select "Properties" then under the 'System Restore' tab, check 'Turn off system restore' IF not already checked.
The next most helpful things that would help you are to use ONLINE scanners from websites to remove any malware on your PC.
The current best online scanners I prefer are from avg and superantispyware Together, these 2 scanners will find ALL the bad stuff on your PC because they have the BEST detection rate.
First, use avg. (FYI: ALL these scans require you to agree to a EULA and install an activex control which is needed to perform the scan, so agree to them all.)

*NOTE: Some scanners ONLY work with IE or may not fully remove malware

(KAV Not reccomended, id prefer avg As its Better, both are free Kapersky detects 92% avg at about 96%)

Then scan with: *optional*

There are MANY other good online scanners which you may choose to also use (which will take longer but ensure safety):… (Windows Live Onecare) (A-squared scanner) (ewido)… (Spyware scan)… (Virus scan)… (Panda Antivirus) (TrendMicro) (Nod32)… (F-secure)

After using these, it's ESSENTIAL to install at least 3 antispywares. Do NOT use more than 1 antiVIRUS as they conflict.

The best things in life are FREE, and great free software can be found @: (Superantispyware FREE version) (Ad-aware) (A-squared FREE) (Spybot S&D) (SpywareBlaster, EULAlyzer, & MRU-Blaster) (Windows Defender) (AVG AV) (Avast AV) (Avira AV) (AOL Virus Shield, which is basically Kaspersky for free) (Tells you how safe websites are) (Peerguardian blocks malware, government, and anti-p2p org's) (Top Notch Firewall) (Another Top Notch firewall) (Advanced Windows Care) (Registry cleaner) (Junk file cleaner)

The next ones here cost money and are about the same performance.

Spy Sweeper
Security Task Manager
Kaspersky (BEST! =D )
F-secure (Same as Kaspersky)
Linkscanner (Blocks exploits in real time)
Advanced Uninstaller

If there's ever ONE file you suspect is infected, you can go to a couple of sites that have single file scanners which use MULTIPLE engines to scan a file.
They are and

If you're PC is squeaky clean, re-enable system restore because it IS good to have but we needed to shut it off to wipe out the malware.
Just RIGHT-click on "My Computer." Select "Properties" then under the 'System Restore' tab, UN-check "Turn off system restore."

*Another thing to consider is using another browser besides Internet Explorer. IE has a lot of security holes,
making it less safe than other browsers. I prefer Firefox. google it to download it
It's just as easy to use and has a lot of neat little add-ons you can toy around with. By itself, it is also safer from exploits than IE.*

As always, things will vary for you. I hope the best for everybody. As always, others may disagree but there's only one way to find things out---try it! As long
as you have an UPDATED Antivirus, Antispyware, & firewall, things will go smoothly. And browse wisely. As a side note, please email me any/all websites you got the infection from or if any are popping up or hijacking your page so I can help further security software's measures.
Sometimes you may get a NEW and Unknown malware and I can submit it to be blacklisted to companies.
Thx. Hope I was able to help and fix anything needed. If I have, please consider returning & leaving a nice comment and
"Best Answer" to whomever you thinks deserves it.. i wish you all the luck, dont buy anything until this is done Your Ad Here

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