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Stolen Credit Card Number

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Javier Said:

My credit card number was stolen and charges were made what steps do I need to take?

We Answered:

Did they cancel your card when you reported the fraud? If they didn't explicitly ask you in so many words if you wanted to cancel that number and request a new card, then call them back and make sure this is being done.

Okay. Watch your accounts very, very closely for the next six months or so. Make sure you can account for every transaction. Some identity thieves "start small" with little expenditures here and there to see if you notice. Amazingly, some people don't. Then later he or she would go in for the "big steal".

Also get a copy of your credit report in a couple/few months. Go over it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there is absolutely nothing odd on it.

I'm sorry this happened to you. Good luck.

Clinton Said:

What can I do to find out how my husband's credit card number was stolen?

We Answered:

You first need to dispute the charge with your bank. It sounds like you may have already done this. But in addition to the phone call, if they have not taken care of it yet you need to follow that up with a letter to the bank.

Once you dispute the charge, your bank will take over and investigate. If they do find the charge was unauthorized they will credit back your money. From there they will pursue it with T-Mobile, legally if needed, and eventually go after the person who used the card.

As frustrating as it sounds, because of certain privacy issues you will probably never find out if they found the person. Or if they did what the outcome of the case was.

Heather Said:

How does a credit card number get stolen

We Answered:

No loss to you. Just call the credit card company and get it all reversed. That way the only people who get screwed are the businesses involved.

That's how it works in this country. Meanwhile, we let criminals get off easy and rehabilitate them in jails with tv's, weights, etc.

I guess it's the socialist christian way!

Phillip Said:

Can this person be found? stolen credit card number to play world of warcraft?

We Answered:

I don't think you can find out where it is being played, but you can contact the company that owns world of warcraft and see what they have to say. They can probably tell you what account is linked to your credit card, and they can probably cancel the subscription linked to your card also. The website is and just go to like support or something, and they can probably tell you what to do.

Irene Said:

what happens if you book an airline ticket wit a stolen credit card number?

We Answered:

you will go to jail Your Ad Here

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mamaessays said:

The first thing you need is to rush to the bank and cancel your credit card as essay masters will also recommend. You can track your credit card too, so you can catch the thief.