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Student Credit Card Balance Transfer

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Sarah Said:

Should I use my line of credit or a balance transfer to pay off a credit card?

We Answered:

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Daniel Said:

Considering a balance transfer from my credit card. Any suggestions?

We Answered:

You can find a complete list of balance transfer credit cards here:

Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible to find a 0% APR offer without a 'balance transfer fee'. Since so many people were taking advantage of these deals and constantly switching offers-- the credit card companies have take action to prevent the losses associated with these cards.

Your best bet is to find offers with LIMITS or CAPS on the 'balance transfer fee'. For example, Chase and Discover both charge a 3% balance transfer fee-- but it's limited to $75.

Hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!

Beverly Said:

about credit card for transfer balance in india?

We Answered:

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Theodore Said:

Can you pay off your student loan with a balance transfer credit card or do I have to use a regular card?

We Answered:

It all depends on the credit card company. Most likely you can, however look at the annual percentage yeild (interest rate) on the credit card and compare it to the annual percentage yeild on the studen loan. If the student loan is lower I recommend you continue making the loan payments because you will pay less interest in the long run.

Dana Said:

balance transfer credit card?

We Answered:

You may be maxed out on your current card, therefore bringing down your credit rating.
Any time you use more than 30% of your avaialble credit limits you are reducing your score.
That's why it is best to pay in full each month.

Amanda Said:

can i transfer my credit card loans to student loans?

We Answered:

if you take out a student loan next semester and use the proceeds to send a payment to your credit card, then the card will be paid. Since loans can be used for living expenses, such as, rent, utilities, fuel, auto maintenence. I used to have friends that took out loans to go on vacation during Spring break.
The thing is, your school will take whatever you owe them first then the rest is for you to use for your expenses. Deposit your balance into your checking account; then write a check for your payment. This eliminates one balance, just don't make it a habit to use credit cards for impulse purchases, that is dangerous whether you are in school or not.

Christine Said:

Where can I find another credit card to transfer my balance to if I'm a student?

We Answered:

Yeah your parents. That's why cc companies give them to students with no real income. It's because the parent will usually pay it if the child can't. Your Ad Here

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