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Student Credit Card Uk

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Albert Said:

Can a student get a credit card?

We Answered:

Yes a student may obtain a credit card.

Even with out a known income source.

However, using it may cause great debt.

Ann Said:

How can I easily pay my US credit card whilst living and working in the UK?

We Answered:

Set up an account with an online third party foreign exchange provider - I use How it works is you make a sterling payment to them, they convert it into a currency of your choosing - in your case, US$, at a better rate than the high street banks will give you, then they will transfer the US$ to any US$ account of your choosing by electronic transfer and there are NO other charges for this unless you need to make WIRE transfers, standard EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and draft payments are free. The alternative would be to set up a US$ account with a high street bank, but they are generally only used by business customers and the costs of running that just to pay off a credit card and student loan once a month would be much higher than using

Andrea Said:

Is a credit card the answer for a Student?

We Answered:

Ask the bank for a student overdraft rather then a credit card, most student account will be offered along side a 1000-2000 interest free overdraft. Which means no hefty bills at the end of each month. Overdrafts are hard to get out of once you get into one but there a lot easier to get out of then a credit card. It;s interest free meaning you'll not have to pay any of it back until you can afford to which for a student is a good thing. so rather then a credit card ask for an interest free overdraft, will support you a lot more then a credit card will until you get a job and you can pay it off bit by bit without the worry of monthly repayments!

Marvin Said:

What's the best bank account and credit card/debt card for a person aged under 18?

We Answered:

You cannot have a credit card until your 18 and over, so of course they won't give you one!

You can however have a bank account with debit card from age 11+ with some banks.
Anyone can also have a bank account and cash card!

Natwest do an adapt account for under 18's and you can have a debit card with that. student accounts are only given to those 18 and over, because they will be in uni or other education. You may be 16-18 and in full time education but you cannot have a student bank account with credit card because your still under 18. Student bank accounts also typically come with an overdraft and maybe even a cheque book which You cannot have because your under 18.

I had a natwest bank account from 12, with debit card, and used it when I went to work full time at 16 BUT I was NOT able to get a cheque book, overdraft or credit card until I was 18!
No point applying to credit card companies or even ANY bank for a crediot card, you won't get one!

Apply for an under 18 account, and when you turn 18 (even if that is only 2 months away) THEN you can go into the bank and ask to upgrade!

Since your family is with barclays I'd suggest you go into a branch and ASK them what they can give to under 18's! Best bet is to always talk to somone face to face. Good Luck!

Bonnie Said:

Hi a credit card question help please!!!?

We Answered:

The card must be in the name of a person 18 or over. You can apply for a card and let him have signing rights so he can use it, but it's still YOUR card, YOUR account. And you need to apply for a Canadian card if you are in Halifax. For Mastercards I suggest Citi Enrich or President's Choice. For Visas I suggest TD Rewards, CIBC Dividend or Scotiabank Student.

Rodney Said:

Moved to Canada with UK credit card debt - what will happen?

We Answered:

I was in the same predicament and did the same thing in terms of leaving money on direct deposit for the minimum payment. I resolved this by applying for a 0% credit card (it switches to 9% after 6 months). I actually wrote the a credit card cheque to the UK credit card to transfer the balance over to Canada. I then paid it off in full due to a lucky windfall on my outstanding UK taxes. Still, the credit card cheque(from the Canadian low-balance card) to the UK bank worked - it just came up as a bill on my visa...You'd have to check into fees (could be higher for balance transfer) - but it is much less stressful to manage the debt here in Canada at a relatively low rate. You will start paying horrible interest and carrying charges to the UK bank, so at least try and move the balance to a 0% card for 6 months over here...I am told that Equifax, etc are increasingly on the same network - so it isn't worth gambling with your credit rating... Your Ad Here

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