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Student Prepaid Credit Card

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Ross Said:

should i apply for this credit card?

We Answered:

I would try Capital One. They issued me my first card when I was 15(lied about my B-day) and gave me a $750 credit limit. However they did close my account due to me opting out of an interest rate change.

And you don't always have to get a secured card your first time around. I have never had a secured card and I'm 18 now and have a $4100 limit with Chase and $3500 with Buckle(WFNNB). Chase gave me an automatic on my 3rd year being with them, and WFNNB issued me $3500 the first time around in Mar of this year.

If you do get a card, don't hold a balance on it. And if you do, hold 30% or less of your available credit limit.

Bobbie Said:

im a student with a prepaid credit card where do i go to get a loan?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Stacey Said:

Is there any prepaid credit card , that helps restabish your credit?

We Answered:

There is one such prepaid credit card that is widely trusted and will help you to establish good credit. The company is Eufora. You can find out more about it and get a link at…

Suzanne Said:


We Answered:

Prepaid cards come as a whiff of fresh air to those suffering from huge drawbacks of credit cards, and credit card debt. The convenience, ease of availability, guaranteed approval and other features make them ideal replacement of credit cards. In this article we take a look at the most important advantages of prepaid cards.

1. Prepaid card is given on the basis of your deposited money. So everyone, even those with bad credit are eligible. There are no credit checks, no employment verification and approval is guaranteed.
2. Prepaid cards can be applied online instantly. And if sufficient deposits are made there are no monthly, annual and other fees. Since, prepaid cards use the deposited money, there are no repayments to be made and hence no late payment fees and other associated penalties.
3. Prepaid cards are as widely accepted as credit cards, and they have even more acceptability than credit cards in some cases. They can be used on the internet, on phone and all other vends.
4. Since, you can only spend what you have deposited, the chances of overspending are negligible. This can hugely increase the financial discipline and help build good financial habits. Read more from:…

Nora Said:

How can i get a student credit card?

We Answered:

You can get your parents to get a card and then they can give you a card in your name. Once you are on campus they will bombard you with card offers all of which have clauses to screw you over.

Julie Said:

can i be denied for this credit card?

We Answered:

You can be denied for a discover student credit card. Many students have no credit history, little employment history and are not considered to be a good credit risk. Having a checking/saving account helps but it does not guarantee you a credit card.

There are a few things you can do that can help in your quest for establishing credit. The first thing you should do is open and maintain a checking and possibly even a savings account at a local bank. This is helpful in two ways:

When you have active bank accounts in good standing, you are proving that you can manage money. While bank accounts aren’t typically a part of your credit score, lenders can use this information to determine whether or not you are a credit risk.

Establishing a relationship with a bank will improve your chances in obtaining a loan or credit card through them. If you already do business with a bank, they should be the first place to look. They know you and they value your business. This existing relationship should carry some weight when seeking credit.

I think you have a good chance at being approved for the discover student credit card. The discover student card is advertised for people with limited credit or no credit history. If your application is denied, you can try a prepaid credit card to establish your credit history.

If you’ve tried the bank, department store, or even credit card companies directly and failed, not all is lost. Secured credit is a last resort, but it is much easier to obtain than unsecured credit.

When a credit card or loan is secured, it means that there is an asset linked to the account that the lender can take if you fail to make payments. When you have a mortgage or auto loan, these are secured loans. If you fail to make payments, the lender will take your house or car in order to satisfy the debt.

You can establish the same thing at most banks with a secured credit card. You can pledge money you deposit in an account to secure the credit card. For example, you could obtain a secured credit card with a $500 limit if you put a $500 deposit in the bank that is linked to the card. If you fail to make your credit card payments, the bank takes your deposit.

Again, you want to check and be sure that this secured credit is reported to the credit bureaus, but if so, this can be a useful tool to establish that first piece of credit history. After you maintain that account in good standing for a while, you may be able to obtain a regular credit card or loan. Your Ad Here

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