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Types Of Credit Card Fraud

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Isaac Said:

Is it illegal or some type of fraud to use business credit cards for personal use?

We Answered:

I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you make the payments it really doesn't matter what you use the cards for. Fraud is extremely difficult to prove to begin with, so imagine a credit card company trying to prove what you purchase is not related to your business. Its not going to happen. With a small business, to some degree, everything is business. Buy what you want, make your payments = no problems whatsoever.

Lorraine Said:

Your ideais on the best way to expose credit card fraud?

We Answered:

You really have to be careful these days because there are spotters out there! Spotters are those people who watch others use their credit cards and remember their numbers so they can make purchases later on them! I had this happen to me when my ID was stolen too and I later declared bankruptcy! Cup your hands around a pin pad of you use a pin to make purchases!

ID thieves are getting clever and i now recommend that everyone get a credit monitoring service because if I had this, I could have headed my ID theft off at the pass!
Once a year to check your credit is not enough. Hold your credit card in such a way as to block a portion of your credit card numbers!

I have a website I post that I hope helps others to recover what I went through and to rebuild and repair your credit! I got my score up from a poor 486 to a much better 730 in a little over a year, so this is something I know about!

My hope is that if more know about how credit repair really works, then they will know enough to avoid having to use it! I included all sorts of common scams too that I came across because i know a lot of desperate people often fall for these too!

Paula Said:

Credit Card Fraud?

We Answered:

I haven't experienced it personally but a close friend of mine got a phone call from her credit card company a week ago ,asking if she had booked tickets for a flight to China in London. The company blocked her card straight away . They seem to think that when she had used her card at a cash point , the cash point had been tampered with and her card had been 'read'. Luckily she isn't in debt with it as there is card fraud insurance on her account. It would of been devastating to her as she is a pensioner. She has destroyed her card on advice of the company. They told her it would take up to 2 weeks to sort out and send her a new card .

Kathy Said:

I used a credit card online and selected the wrong style card; I donít want to be accused of fraud.?

We Answered:

Please forget it and make sure to check your statement. There should not be any charges for failed online transactions. If you find it, please dispute it with bank by writing a letter to bank's address given at statement (different than payment address, in some cases). Lets read ahead, for your information, why this error happened?............ MasterCard series starts with 5 and Visa series starts with 4. When you punch-in any card number starting with 4 and then you select card type as Master Card. Then, software should reject transaction without even letting it touch the bank's server for approval. Thats what happened in your case.

Alfredo Said:

what type of fraud can be done if some one know my credit card number?

We Answered:

no. don't ever give out any info. to scammers. They can use your credit card number and make purchases. Your Ad Here

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do essay for me said:

Thanks for sharing this detail about the credit card frauds. There is a need to guide people for the best use of it so that people will feel safe of using the credit cards.