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Use Credit Card Online

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Gene Said:

Which is better, to take my PC to a specialist to clean the virus or to use a credit card online?

We Answered:

If you don't want to take it in and you have a broadband connection...go to Office Depot. They have a service that you can pay for that someone will remote into your computer and clean it for you.

Amy Said:

Is it safe to use credit card online?

We Answered:

There are a couple of things you can do. Get Mcafee site advisor for your browser. That will tell you if the site you are on is good or not. If the site is new and hasn't been rated then stay away from it. Also you should be sure your computer is clean. If you have a good Internet Security Suite, and the scans come up clean. You should be ok. Millions of people buy stuff every day and don't have a problem. Another good idea is to have your Mother set up a paypal account. Use paypal to pay for stuff and you don't have to worry about your credit card number going to all these different sites.
Have you mom check out paypal and look at the security they use.

Michele Said:

How safe is it to use a credit card online?

We Answered:

Check for online reviews of the site and with the Better Business Bureau website, to find out more make sure you are comfortable buying from the seller, Make sure the url begins with, https://, the s shows that the checkoute is secure/

Marilyn Said:

can i use my US credit card online while I'm in another country without incurring charges?

We Answered:

First you need to inform your credit card company that you will use the card abroad. Otherwise, it might not work

Unfortunately, credit card companies tack on additional fees such as conversion fees for cards used abroad. But if it is an online transaction and the transaction is in dollars, then you'll have no problems. The fees kick in if you use foreign currency.

The best approach is to call your credit card and ask them fees that you might incur

Ann Said:

what is the legel age in alabama to use a credit card online?

We Answered:

There may be no issues with age and sounds like the phone company turned you down.

Hilda Said:

It is good to use credit card online?

We Answered:

It depends on what type of site you are using. You should check wther site is ssl or not , you should check reputation of the website. If you are using on ebay or big sites its ok.

I would prefer to use vcc instead of cc Your Ad Here

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