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Verify Credit Card Number

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Sylvia Said:

where can i find a free credit report/score check site without having to use a credit card number to verify?

We Answered:

Annual Credit Report dot com provides no hassle up-to-date reports without need for entering any credit card data.

As you go through the site, and are redirected to each of the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion), DO NOT pay for a credit score or subscribe to any of their services. The credit scores provided are VANTAGE scores, and are virtually worthless to you, because they are not the same scores actually used by most lenders.

If you have trouble reading the reports, or if you need help with them, you can find assistance from a number of private and non-profit organizations. Be careful however, because some organizations actually work on behalf of the Credit Reporting Agencies and your creditors, rather than watching out for your best interests.

The links you need appear below. I wish you luck and good credit!

Linda Said:

when you put a credit card number to verify a msn account, does it send the creditcard user a message?

We Answered:

I have an msn account and I never had to give a credit card number. you might have been "phished". BTW, trying to hide something, are we? not your credit card? worried that the owner of the credit card will find out you got a hold of it and used it without their permission? tsk, tsk.

Samantha Said:

How can i verify state based on credit card number?

We Answered:

If it is possible, the one that would be able to do that is the CC Co.

Beverly Said:

Do I Have To Verify My Credit Card To Receive Money On PayPal?

We Answered:

It is not necessary to verify your credit card to receive money to your paypal account. If you donot verify your card there is some limitations. That is you can only send a maximum of $100 per transaction, and you can receive a maximum of so and so $ from a person. It is easy to get verified. Better verify it and lift your limits.

Josephine Said:

If any site is free then why does it ask for a credit card number to verify your age then you would you wonder?

We Answered:

This is the way these companies play,where they are sure the money will come back, they make stupid of customer and play with this credit cards.This is not responsibly of companies only, but this our responsibility to not give them a chance to play with you or your money.

Maurice Said:

would yahoo ask for my credit card number to verify age, this happened to me?

We Answered:

Sounds fishy. Your Ad Here

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