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Web Based Credit Card Processing

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Jordan Said:

Can anyone recommend software I can use to manage my membership web site? It'd have to process paypal orders.?

We Answered:

You will need server side scripts to do that...
Lookup (free) shopping carts on Google to process the payments, you will need to plug in your own script into the shopping cart to handle permissions allocation after payment confirmation.
If you are NOT prepared to pay someone to do it for you, then your only option is to learn server side scripting yourself...

Kim Said:

Directed to lie/mislead about about PCI data security compliance at work?

We Answered:

Find another place to work. If you get in bed with con artists, you'll wake up in the clink. When they get caught, they'll blame it all on you and say you were the lead network administrator and it was your job to insure the network was PCI compliant.

Eventually, someone will steal and use a bunch of credit card numbers from one of your sites, and then you will be the one in the hot water.

Find a reputable place of employment.

Leslie Said:

I need some recommendations for merchant processing companies.?

We Answered:

The only reasonable system I have found is PayPal.
Check them out I think you would see how easy it is for people to use.

Edgar Said:

I need some recommendations for merchante processing companies.?

We Answered:

First thing you need to do is get a shopping cart set up, many credit card processing companies only offer a gateway. However, our company is able to offer you a shopping cart if you need one along with the gateway. We have great online prices and an amazing gateway that works great with any store front. You can email us at sales@firstbankcardprocessing. com and we would be able to help you out with your merchant processing needs. Good luck to you and your website, and we look forward to helping you accept credit cards. Your Ad Here

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