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Irene Said:

Credit card processing over Internet?

We Answered:

My blog, How To Get Good Credit Gab, provides the opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and experiences about obtaining good credit and emphasizes the importance of building and maintaining good credit and the perils of personal financial mismanagement. This may help you resolve your problem.

Randall Said:

Trying to find out about a credit card being offered on the internet,used to buy from their site.?

We Answered:

You need to check the INTEREST RATE being offered.A lot of companies target customers who have a bad credit history offering them a guaranreed acceptance with no credit check with stinging interest covering their backs.An average interest rate is around 14% the higher extortionate rates of up to 35%

Ethel Said:

How can I go about building a web site that sends emails matching each customer to certain products?

We Answered:

Depending on traffic and quality.

Java/JSP - High quality (less chance for bugs), expensive and scales well.

PHP - Messy, but there is a lot of stuff written in it already.

Perl - Not quite as bad as PHP, but still has some of the same problems.

Personally, I would try to use perl or consider using PHP for the web front end and perl for the email functions and any control panels when possible.

You might look around for some of the technology already out there, inspect the source code to determine how viable it is to modify it for your needs.

For subscription stuff, you could consider:


It'll confirm email addresses for you, but, won't manage the mailings. (you could write code specifically for that later) Full disclosure, I own GenieGate.

As far as the ecommerce, there are a lot of shopping carts out there, look for one that is simple (don't go for "lots of features" go for "written well and can be modified) I sometimes see people go for whatever has the most toys, this is a mistake for this kind of software, you really want "easy to code in".

You'll probably want to interface with the product catalog to generate the email, so, your ecommerce package should have a nice table structure and/or good, object oriented code for accessing the products.

It goes without saying, once a package is modified, you can't "upgrade" it.

It's important to start off with a decent one that is relatively bug free (or at least, written so that you yourself can fix bugs as the crop up.)

Jaime Said:

Does anyone know what I need to start my own Adult site?

We Answered:

Never that last bastard answer, he is a racist. When you get your site up and going, E-mail me and I will be your first customer.

Katherine Said:

How to enable credit card processing on a website?

We Answered:

You can link through to Paypal and have them do all the work for you for a small fee. They accept all cards whether the user has a paypal account or not.

This would prob be the best idea because Paypal have all the risk of handling the card details and the security issues.

People are more likely to use their card details with Paypal then just trust you to email them to yourself without any encryption.

Max Said:

Web service that can create web site that allows visitors to purchase product using a credit card?

We Answered:

I can handle that for you as my company offer hosting servicing and management. what you re talking about is an E-commerce application enable site. lets talk by droping a mail at ''


Rick Said:

How can I create an application in active server pages which lets users to buy the products by credit card?

We Answered:

PayPal has web services that allow you to integrate payment processing very easily. You can use ASP or whatever you want. There is plenty of information available at Your Ad Here

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