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Which Credit Card Uk

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Courtney Said:

Which UK Credit Card will I get?

We Answered:

try Barclaycard or Mastercard

Jeffrey Said:

How do i transfer money from my Australian bank account to a UK credit card which I had while living in the UK

We Answered:

When I pay on my wife's Canadian credit card debt she had before we got married and she moved to the U.S. I just mail them a check (cheque) drawn from our U.S. bank account. They convert it over with no problem. Check with your credit card company.

Joseph Said:

Which credit card in UK has 0% APR for a whole year..?

We Answered:

AA Credit card is 0% for 6 mos with 15.7 APR

Victoria Said:

Which UK credit card is best(please see details)?

We Answered:

Try talking to your bank, if you have a good history with them they will be more likely to grant you a card and they tend not to have an annual fee etc.

I would say however that you will not necessarily improve your credit rating by having a credit card - and in the first instance your credit rating will drop, it always does following any application for credit of any kind.

I also think that you would be best talking to an independant financial advisor regarding your situation - there are many non-standard mortgage lenders out there and methods of applying for mortgages that will almost certainly suit your needs now.

It is unlikely that your boyfriend's previous CCJ would stand in the way of securing a mortgage - because a mortgage is secured against the property your previous credit history tends not to apply - unless you have no deposit whatsoever (and even that is surmountable by buying a new house where the developer pays your deposit).

So talk to somebody before taking on additional credit that you don't need or want and that probably won't make the difference that you are hoping for.

Cassandra Said:

Is it possible to transfer the balance from a UK credit card to a US credit card?

We Answered:

all of them should accept it. try capitol one and chase they have balance transfers as long as the uk is a major credit card they shouldnt have a problem tranfering.
altthough they usually only transfer if you have good credit.
good luck

Carrie Said:

Live in Spain have UK bank account want pay bills here from UK credit card which bank will give me card?

We Answered:

Your UK bank account and credit card will do just fine anywhere in the world let alone Spain,i.e your UK card will do in Spain just is good. Your Ad Here

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