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Wireless Credit Card Equipment

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Tracy Said:

How secure is wi-fi internet?

We Answered:

WiFi is inherently insecure. If you are on an unsecured wireless network, I can capture any traffic you send. I can also hijack sessions quite easily over WiFi using a man in the middle style attack.

The best way to secure a wireless internet connection is through what is know as WPA or WPA2. The older encryption type called WEP is easily compromised now. I do suppose WEP is better than nothing though. WPA will actually help stop sniffing and unauthorized access to a wireless access point. That will make your data much more secure.

Lester Said:

Small business owners: Any opinions about credit card terminals/companies?

We Answered:

Choosing your provider is the most important decision you will make. All the answers will not be ones you like - just be sure they are honest...

In this business, if your rep won't spend an hour on the phone explaining every detail - find one that will. Failure to understand what and how, and how much and how long, can cost you a fortune.

If the rep doens't take an interest in your business and its growth through possible solutions like PC based (even Wireless with WWAN), Web Based (virtual terminals and web based sales), terminals, and billing options (if needed), find another rep.

There are hundreds of methods of processing and everyone you speak with will offer the mass majority of them. So it really comes down to the service your rep offers you - not the support desk, not the bank - you'll almost never talk with them, whereas you will always go first to your rep.

If your rep doesn't explain the difference between off-line debit cards and credit cards (Visa CheckCard is an example of an off-line debit card), and their associated costs to process - find another rep. If they simply tell you PIN based debit is always cheaper - they LIED.

Anyone who is quick to the ink (that is getting you to sign their contract) is likely not interested in you as a customer long term - they just want to sign you and then dissappear.

Be careful, be wise, and b.good.

Janice Said:

What Is the right thing to do now?

We Answered:

Call 2 or 3 professional counselors and explain what you explained above. They should not charge you for giving them an overview over the phone. They will likely give you both good directions to pursue and referrals to local assistance.

Rafael Said:

where can I rent POS equipment in Chicago?

We Answered:

Melissa Said:

I have 25k words written on how to commit various types of crime. What should I do with it?

We Answered:


Ted Said:

What payment methods are accepted at a Walmart Wireless In Store Location?

We Answered:

He is right. They will accept wal-mart credit cards. They will also accept cash and other credit cards. I am not sure about checks, but you could always ask when you go in there. I know this info is accurate. I work at wal-mart, unfortunately.....

Eileen Said:

What is Dedicated Internet Access and how much should I pay for it?

We Answered:

Those prices sound ridiculous. Just get a standard DSL or cable connection unless you're in a far remote area where internet access isn't readily available, but you could even get dedicated internet access via satellite for less than what you were quoted. Cable, DSL or even satellite connections will all be at least 256Kbps and cheaper. I'm not sure what they're trying to sell you. With internet access, you could likely save yourself the cost of a econd line and process your credit card transactions through the internet. That will save you teh monthly cost of a second line as well.

All you really need is a cable or DSL modem and maybe a wireless router or access point. (depending if your cable or dsl modem is also a router) Overall You should expect to pay about <=$50/month for your internet access and about $40 to buy a wireless router or access point. Your Ad Here

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