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Wireless Credit Card Reader

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Maxine Said:

Credit Card Statement and Refunds?

We Answered:

pay the amount on the statement. The credit will wash trough on the next cycle.

Lee Said:

Which one sould I choose for my b-day?

We Answered:

i would chose the comp i kinda use the comp alot for school work and such and internet but then agian the phone sounds good but im going with the computer :P

Donald Said:

Which one should I choose for my birthday?

We Answered:

I would go for the computer,

Rita Said:

what is a wireless credit card reader?how does it work? which are the popular brands of card readers?

We Answered:

Typically found in restaurants in the UK if you want to pay your bill by plastic. The server will bring over a device a little bigger than a PDA which is connected via a wireless secure link to a control unit, probably behind the bar, which is then connected via 'phone line to the restaurants bank (or more correctly a "card acquirer" like Barclays Merchant Services or Nat West Streamline).

The server will insert the card into the device and you enter your PIN. The device will contact the card acquirer to confirm authority. This involves checking a) for funds if the transaction is above a certain limit, b) if the card is registered as stolen and c) if the transaction is out of keeping with the card holders usual usage. The device itself will read the chip in the card and check that the PIN is ok. The device can print a receipt and you are then free to leave.

As mentioned above, most of the banks have a captive card acquirer. Barclays have Barclays Merchant Services (used by BA, Royal Mail, P & O Ferries etc). Nat West have their Streamline product. They're two of the bigger players in the market and you can get information on their own branded products and the costs direct from them.

Florence Said:

what do you think about this computer?

We Answered:

The video card is mediocre.
9GB RAM? Wha? 6GB is more than enough unless you're doing some seriously heavy multimedia.
Why the hell is it split between two hard drives?
Sound card is pointless. You won't notice the difference between that and your onboard sound without some serious audio equipment.

And on top of that, the price is way too damned high. You could build an equivalent without the extraneous crap they throw in here for a lot less.

Don't buy a damned Alienware.

Herbert Said:

Is any one ready for the RFID Coming In 2009? How Will It affect Our Lives?

We Answered:

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