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Bad Debt Credit Cards

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Frances Said:

What's the easiest way to repair my credit score when I've already eliminated my bad debt?

We Answered:

it is going up, slowly, month by month. The differences really show up at 6 month intervals.

June Said:

Paying of Debt? (Credit Cards) Is it bad to pay off credit cards?

We Answered:

Pay it all off and wait a month for the cards to report the $0 balance to the Credit Reporting Agencies.

After this, do NOT cancel the cards.

Then, visit and make sure your credit reports are correct.

Tyrone Said:

judgements, credit cards, bad debt.. is this a problem?

We Answered:

I wish I could help but this is beyond my knowledge. I also wish your friend the best, deadbeat dads give guys a bad reputation so I hope it all works out for the best. If I had to offer some advice I'd say dont do anything illegal. Take care.

Sergio Said:

Is there any credit cards for bad debt in Canada?

We Answered:

check these:
if you get any luck please don't forget about me lol, hope it helped you!

Roberto Said:

bad credit cards debt. I need advice?

We Answered: - try this service to boost you credit score before getting loan. After credit repair you can get the loan with minimal interest rate.

Amber Said:

I have roughly 5 -10k in bad credit card debt. I was wondering if I pay them off, will I get my cards back ?

We Answered:

Creditors can either enlist collection agencies to recover debt on their behalf, or they can sell your debt to the collection agency. If it is the latter, then the account is closed. If it is the former, the account is probably "active", but there may be a block on it. For example, when I worked in the library, we used an outside collection agency to collect on library fines over $50. The library card is blocked. Only until they pay off their balance will we allow them to use the card again. (The books are assets of the City....a library card is like a credit card in which you're borrowing property.)

Your credit report will show that your collection accounts have been closed. They'll still show up on your credit report, so your credit will be ruined until you are able to repair it (through time and more responsible care of your credit).

Even if your accounts are still active, you will be paying high interest rates because you defaulted, which allows them to charge the regular rate. You might want to start anew, so that you have a better interest rate and your limit will be much lower, allowing you to maintain control of your credit.

Denise Said:

I have alot of debt credit cards, bad choices and student loans?

We Answered:

You have two options Bankruptcy or

Make a budget and stick to it, do not spend anymore on credit either cut up the cards or freeze them in metal containers so that you won't be quick to throw it in the microwave to unthaw and spend. If you really need it you can leave it on the counter for a bit and by the time it has thawed you can decide if what you want to buy is really worth it.

I know it sucks but live within your means. If you are putting money onto credit cards, taking out payday loans or anything like that then you are not helping yourself. NEVER use payday loans if you don't have to, they end up costing you way more in the long run.

Add up all your debt, take the highest interest first and then start to pay $5 to $10 more a month and pay the minimums on everything else. Negotiate with collection agencies to make a payment plan and then pay it every month ontime. If you have to pay late call them and let them know the circumstances, but don't expect them to bend too often. When your credit card debt is gone don't look at that as free money, put it back in to pay off your other debts.

Don't kick yourself about student loans you are bettering yourself and trying to make things good for your baby also. Pay the minimums and if you are still in school when you are done paying the credit cards or other debt, pay your interest This is exactly what a credit debt solution agency would tell you to do.

Don't forget to pay yourself also. Try to put some money away into savings even if it is 20 a paycheck. Keep track of all your spending for a month and see where you can cut back to help with your savings.

If money is tight you might have to look at getting a different job or adding some extra income someway, maybe take on a daycare/nightcare position. An extra $100 a month goes to help a long way. And there are always people looking to have someone watch their kids, but the swing and evening shift workers need it the most because so few people are willing to do this. Your Ad Here

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