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Credit Cards Fraud

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Allen Said:

Can I take back or settle a report of credit card fraud?

We Answered:

You have two choices.

Just let them know it was not fraud. At that time you become responsible for the bill. They will not send your parents a bill, but your parents should pay you. If the bill is not paid it will effect your credit.

Let them know it was an unauthorized purchase by your parents. At that time they will continue with the investigation. They still may make you liable, or they could prosecute them and it is out of your hands as to what happens.

Michael Said:

How Do I Report Credit Card Fraud,Without Getting Involvd?

We Answered:

Maybe someone ELSE should make the call to the FBI. That would be me. Use the system email to give me the details -that could actually be used as evidence and to put the finger on this guy. You gotta name names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, who the dead guy is.

And you don't have to give me your actual email. Just the facts.


Melanie Said:

What are the credit card fraud penalties?

We Answered:

A long time in jail.
they dont play with this kinda stuff,
especially adults.

Armando Said:

Credit card fraud how to catch the person?

We Answered:

Ask for the person to show a state ID, if the name on the credit card and ID don't match then call the police.

Lorraine Said:

why is it in cases of fraud involving credit cards, the result always falls in favour of the?

We Answered:

You have to prove the fraud. I hate to say that it has happened to me twice though I reported the cards missing/stolen and ended up only being responsible for $50.00 of the loss.

One good thing to do it write in black permanent marker on the back "Check Id" on all your cards even your debit card. Your Ad Here

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