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Free Bad Credit Cards

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Juanita Said:

how can i get free activation and free cell phone on line, with bad credit? and not having a credit card?

We Answered:

I suggest getting a prepaid cellphone. No such thing as a free anything in this world. Get a Virgin Mobile phone. no activation fee and no monthly fees, it's pay as you go minutes

Amy Said:

I have bad credit which I have been fixing, are there any free credit cards I can get?

We Answered:

Check out this web site:

There are some cards listed there that are offered for little or no fee. If you click on one of the cards, it will take you right to the application.

Julian Said:

what credit card can I get with bad credit any choices besides rewards660,premier bank,orchard?

We Answered:

If you have one or two cards, use them for purchases you would usually pay cash for (gas, groceries). Don't view the cards as means to buy more than you normally would. Each month, pay off the card balance(s) in full so that you aren't charged APR finance charges. If you know that you would be too tempted by credit cards, look at a secured credit card from your bank to start with.

If at all possible, look for a card that doesn't have an annual fee or account maintenance fee. It may not be entirely possible depending on how bad your credit is.

Nothing but time and responsible behavior managing your credit will increase your credit score. It usually takes 2 years of steady, consistent payments to have a good/excellent score (as long as you don't have any delinquencies/accounts in collections/etc.)

Good luck.

John Said:

where can i find a website where i can get my credit report without having a credit card for free?

We Answered:

Everyone in the US is entitled to a free can get it by search free annual credit report. Those are free but you have to pay if you want your credit score.

Gordon Said:

what credit cards are good for people with bad credit?

We Answered:

You will need to improve your fico score to at least 620 to be considered for an unsecured card. If you are below 550 you will definitely be denied.

Ian Said:

Does anyone have the web address for the free annual credit report?

We Answered:

The correct answer is, not with an S on the end like the first answer said.

Ida Said:

Where can I get a free credit report/score no credit card needed.?

We Answered:

If you're in the US, you're entitled to a free credit report from each of the 3 main agencies each year. You can obtain them through . Your Ad Here

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