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Guaranteed Canadian Credit Cards

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Gordon Said:

bad credit help!! experiences expertise please. process of a loan and is comfused!?!?

We Answered:

"advance fee" loan scams are becoming so prevalent that the Federal Trade Commission has an alert on their website - here is an excerpt, please read the rest at the FTC website:…

Legitimate offers of credit do not require an up-front payment. Although legitimate lenders may charge application, appraisal, or credit report fees, the fees generally are taken from the amount borrowed. And the fees usually are paid to the lender or broker after the loan is approved. Legitimate lenders may guarantee firm offers of credit to “credit-worthy” consumers, but first, they evaluate the consumer’s creditworthiness and confirm the information in the application. Canadian law enforcers caution that it is highly unlikely that legitimate Canadian lenders would take a risk on U.S. citizens whose credit problems preclude them from getting a loan in the U.S.

Often, advance-fee loan sharks claim that their fees will go to a third party for credit insurance or a related service. Sometimes, they even fax materials using stolen or forged logos and letterheads from legitimate companies. The materials are fakes, according to enforcement officials, and the contracts the scam artists ask consumers to sign are worthless. Adding insult to injury, some scammers have used the information they collect from consumers to commit identity theft.

Often, advance-fee loan scammers direct applicants to send the fees via Western Union money transfers payable to an individual, rather than a business. They ask applicants to use a “password code” with their Western Union payment, which allows the scammers to hide their identity.

U.S. and Canadian law enforcers say consumers can avoid being taken by advance-fee loan sharks. Here’s how:

Don’t pay for the promise of a loan. It’s illegal for companies doing business by phone in the U.S. to promise you a loan and ask you to pay for it before they deliver. Requiring advance fees for loans also is illegal in Canada.

Ignore any ad — or hang up on any caller — that guarantees a loan in exchange for a fee in advance.

Remember that legitimate lenders never guarantee or say that you will receive a loan before you apply, or before they have checked out your credit status or contacted your references, especially if you have bad credit or no credit record.

Don’t give your credit card, bank account, or Social Security number on the telephone, by fax, or via the Internet unless you are familiar with the company and know why the information is necessary.

Don’t make a payment to an individual for a loan; no legitimate lending organization would make such a request.
Don’t wire money or send money orders for a loan through Western Union or similar companies. You have little recourse if there’s a problem with a wire transaction. Legitimate lenders don’t pressure you to wire funds.

If you are not absolutely sure who you are dealing with, get the company’s number in the phone book or from directory assistance, and call it to make sure you’re dealing with the company you think you are. Some scam artists have pretended to be the Better Business Bureau or another legitimate organization.

Check out questionable ads by calling Project Phonebusters in Canada toll-free at 1-888-495-8501. If you live in the U.S. and think you’ve been a victim of an advance-fee loan scam, report it to the FTC online at or by phone, toll-free, at 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).

Erica Said:

Whats the procedure for shipping package from the US to Canada thru UPS?

We Answered:

If you send through UPS, you are guaranteeing that the family will get hit with both customs tax and a hefty brokerage fee.

At least if you send it via USPS, they won't get hit with the brokerage fee.

The fact that is a gift is moot--everyone illegally labels their packages a gift (even though it's a felony to do so), so the governments don't take that into consideration anymore.

(I used to order gifts through Canada's Amazon site. That way I'd pay on my credit card in the USA--modest conversion fee--but it would be shipped from a Canadian warehouse and no fees.)

Paul Said:

How Can I Erase False Negative Reports on my Credit Report?

We Answered:

If you made the purchase, the debt is valid and cannot, by law, be removed. If you weren't receiving statements, the onus was on you to find out why. You knew you owed it, right? Best Buy wouldn't be sending statements, the company who backs their credit accounts would be sending them. As far as I know, Chase or HSBC backs BestBuy cards, not Wells Fargo, so the statement you should have been getting would have been coming from them. If Wells Fargo did guarantee this account, that must have been some special financing available only in your area.

If they had incorrect address/telephone information, you would not have been contacted. Even if you had to contact them every month, it was still your responsibility to do so in the absence of a statement.

I'm very sorry, but you really don't have a leg to stand on with this one. The burden of proof will be on you that you did not receive statements, etc, and the account was mismanaged on the creditor's side.

You could enlist the help of an attorney and have your account records subpoenaed to find out exactly what happened, your debt and your repayment records and go from there, but that's going to be costly, unless you can get legal aid to take your case.

Pearl Said:

does anyone know if i could get american eagle prices in canadian $ online?

We Answered:

here is some info >>

more: All prices and purchase requirements at are shown in U.S. dollars. AE accepts all order payments in U.S. dollars. AE adds all applicable taxes and duties, including excise taxes, duty and Canadian GST and PST, to your order total automatically when you order. The duty will be estimated on all items. You will not be responsible for any additional charges upon delivery for any reason.

AE will not honor gift exemptions on Canadian orders.

All credit card transactions on are completed in U.S. dollars. Use the currency calculator during the checkout process for an estimated payment in Canadian currency. The currency calculator is for your convenience to estimate the conversion of U.S. dollars into Canadian dollars. The conversion is only an estimate. The actual charge to your credit card will be based on exchange rates when your merchandise ships and your credit card is charged. American Eagle Outfitters cannot guarantee the accuracy of any conversion estimate.

Delores Said:

What non Cuban bank can I get a credit card with when I visit Cuba next week? The American bank cards no good?

We Answered:

Visa and MasterCard are accepted (and Diners Club, but not as widely accepted). AMEX and Capital One are US based and not accepted.
To exchange US dollars into the CUC there is a 10% surcharge, while exchanges from Canadian dollars, Euros, UK pounds and Swiss Francs will not incur a surcharge.
So US dollars CAN be exchanged in Cuba but is not worth it as there will be a fee.

Thomas Cook and VISA traveler's cheques are accepted (not from US based financial institution) as well. But most banks, CADECA offices, hotels, and businesses charge commissions of between 1% and 5% for cashing traveler's cheques.

It is possible (not always easy to do though) to do cash advances with your credit card at the ATMs....debit MIGHT work but not guaranteed as it depends on their system on a daily basis. It's easier to use the credit card.
However, if you purchase anything with your credit card, most of the time the charge will be first done in US funds and then converted and will be calculated at 11.5% more than the CUC amount.

I suggest you change your money every couple of days since you will need to change your money back before you come home as CUC have no value outside of may lose when converting your money back.

Have an amazing time!
¡Buen viaje!

Audrey Said:

Travelling to Cuba.. help me out?

We Answered:

Hola jaq,

You will love Cuba. You cannot change your money here in Canada. CUC (Cuban convertibles) are only available in Cuba. You can change your money at the airport when you land, at the hotel you're staying at, and banks.

CAD is accepted and do need to be changed over to CUC.
You can use your credit card for certain purchases or cash advances...but make sure they are NOT US-based cards...the same for travellers' cheques.
Debit cards are accepted but not guaranteed to always work. The ATMs do work in Cuba, but depending on their communication system of the day, it may be very slow to work.

Carry light clothing, bring all the sun lotion you'll need (expensive in the hotel stores), any little first aid things like aspirin, etc., adapters/converters, batteries (also expensive at hotels).

Go to Havana since you are right next door from can also swim with the dolphins in Varadero...there is Josone Park too.

It's very kind of you to bring gifts for the locals and friends you'll make. It's not advisable to walk around randomly giving out gifts to people. If at the hotel, get to know the Cuban friends, talk to them and then discreetly give them a little gift you think would be good for them. Even if you have some extra clothing you don't need to bring back with you can be given to those to whom it might fit.

To give you an idea ...
Toys for kids
Samples of perfume or after shave fragrances
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste
Leave clothes, shoes etc. that you don't like anymore, in Cuba after your vacation
Children's books (Spanish)
Medicines and pharmaceuticals
Share a drink or dinner
Chewing gum, sweets
Etc etc etc

If in the nearby town, be discreet as well when giving things to people in the open. What you can do is bring some donated things to a medical office, school, hospital, old age homes, etc...and they will be placed for you.
There are many airlines that are allowing each passenger to bring an extra suitcase up to 50 lbs FREE for humanitarian aid when travelling to Cuba. A friend of mine just did that recently.

Check the sites below for more information on Varadero and things to bring as well for men, women, children, etc...

Have an amazing time in Cuba!

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