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Dianne Said:

What investors usually look at when buying and selling stocks? What is he most important thing on the chart?

We Answered:

The most important thing varies from one stock to another and from one set of economic conditions to another. It all depends on the circumstances for the company and for the economy in general.

There is no fixed formula for making money in the stock market. Because whether your trading strategy works or not depends on the circumstances. And the circumstances change all the time.

Basically you need to have a good understanding and good judgement of everything relevant to the stocks you choose to invest in. Because sometimes one thing is important and sometimes something else is important. And you need to use your judgement a lot.

Caroline Said:

What would cause the chart of a stock to be a straight line?

We Answered:

If you mean a straight horizontal line this is a fixed instrument, and you're most likely looking at a low-priced, or "penny" stock. Stay away from that type of chart/stock.

Regardless of stock / market type, a stock that has little to no price variability will require a lot of volume to be liquid, so if you're not planning on staying in the stock for an extended period, don't get into a stock of this type as it will be difficult to sell without volume. For maximum liquidity in trading stocks, the NYSE is best (three letter symbols) because the market makers are required to make a market in the stock.

Cynthia Said:

How reliable technical/charting analysis in stocks/commodities trading?since it's only chart of price history

We Answered:

Technical analysis can be a helpful tool, but it's far from perfect. I've improved my results since I started using TA in addition to fundamental analysis, but still make mistakes. What I've found is that the odds of a stock rising in the short-term are higher when the stock is oversold and near a support level on the TA charts (or falling when it's overbought and near a resistance level), but it's by no means a certainty. Overbought stocks can and do get more overbought and oversold stocks can and do get more oversold. In my view, using TA somewhat increases your odds of buying/selling at a good time, but certainly not to anywhere near 100%.

Michelle Said:

What Chart is the best to analyst Stocks?

We Answered:

Heck, I don't even try. Too lazy. I go to this site and they do the analyzing for me.

Johnny Said:

Can anyone recommand a good chart package for stocks,options and futures?

We Answered: and Google Finance.

Kimberly Said:

where can i get nse index&stocks particular day chart?

We Answered:

There are many sites that can vive you the historical data of the NSE or any other stocks.

But Data along with the charts you find it on

Just type in nifty in the search bar and you can view the chart with historical data

    Live Chart Stock

    Harry Said:have we any free live metastock chart for indian stock market?We Answered:Metastock Software use for Help making Dicisoon Buy or Sell and generate some of signle.... But It's no live software You Get take Trial Verson Metastock and Advanced Get are Both good and best for Technical Dicision if you want to more information about it so You can ask here all you want…Brandy Said:iam looking for chart which gives tecnical details to asertain the price of stock ,online/on live market?We Answered:real time quotes are available from most brokerage house, trading platforms: Fidelity has Active Trader Pro, available for free Schwab...

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