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Credit Check In Uk

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Rosemary Said:

Is there any electronic stores online with no credit check in the UK?

We Answered:


Ralph Said:

Where can i buy sexy clothes from a catalogue or online without a credit card or cheque (UK)?

We Answered:

Check here:…
You will find what you like!
Good luck!

Diana Said:

can you get a credit check on a sunday in the uk online?

We Answered:

Hello Sarah,

Yes, credit checks can be done at anytime.

Normally if you apply for a phone contract or to buy something on credit either online, by phone, or in a shop a credit check is quite often done immediately and you are told if you have passed or failed that check within a few minutes at most.

You can even check up on your own credit rating. For example Experian keeps records of everyones credit rating. At the moment they are offering a 30 day free trial and you can get a free rating. Unfortunately that rating is only a number and to get a credit report, you need to pay £5.95 for this. It will show both the rating and report online once you have subscribed to them and of course paid for the credit report itself.

If you are interested the link to Experian is:…


Cindy Said:

I am looking for no credit check short term loans in UK.Anyone suggest me unsecured tenant loan ?

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Mitchell Said:

are there any pay weekly no credit check shops in the uk?

We Answered:

Most towns and city's have what are known as Credit Unions they will let you get credit even if the banks have said no you will need to become a member each has it own rules so you will need to find one near you for more info Try putting Credit Unions and the name of your town or city Hope this helps Your Ad Here

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