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No Credit Check Houses

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Eva Said:

Is there any motorcycle dealers in Ventura Countyhthat will do in house financing with no credit check?

We Answered:

Keep your dream and save your money. No dealer in their right mind would finance any vehicle without a credit check. If they would, the down payment would pay for the vehicle and your payments (at 25-50% interest ) would be clear profit!!!!!!!

Shawn Said:

Are those posts on craigslist that say take over payments of a house with no credit check bogus or illegal ??

We Answered:

When someone does this, the seller of the house violates the due on sale clause of their loan

It's a mean way that investors are taking advantage of the current mortgage crisis.

Someone is $3,000 behind in payments. "Friendly investor" comes in to save the day. Pays the $3,000 and takes over the house. (never gets loan in their own name) And the poor seller thinks his credit is saved. Puts house on Craigslist for a "buyer" to get in with no credit check. New buyer gives investor $10,000 down and moves in and starts making payments. At this point, the investor has his $7,000 profit and walks away from the situation. Eventually, the new buyer (the one with the bad credit and can't get a bank to lend him money) falls behind in payments and the bank forecloses.

The buyer lost his $10,000 down payment, the seller gets a foreclosure anyhow..... but the friendly investor got his $7,000.

Jill Said:

Where can I find houses for rent in Hampton, Virginia with no credit check?

We Answered:

Craigslist classifieds are filled with people trying to rent their homes or sublet their apartments so you are probably best checking there. GL :)

Byron Said:

Looking for "no credit check" housing in Waterbury, Ct.?

We Answered:

If there is a ghetto there you should be able to find housing in that neighborhood, although I do not know the rental rates there.

Another place would be the cheap motels, they usually rent by the week.

Shirley Said:

How can I find no credit check rent to own houses in charleston,west virginia?

We Answered:

Everyone does a credit check..The best thing to do is find a renter that is not in Real Estate...a person that just rents homes on the side Your Ad Here

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