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No Credit Check Houses

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Eva Said:

Is there any motorcycle dealers in Ventura Countyhthat will do in house financing with no credit check?

We Answered:

Keep your dream and save your money. No dealer in their right mind would finance any vehicle without a credit check. If they would, the down payment would pay for the vehicle and your payments (at 25-50% interest ) would be clear profit!!!!!!!

Shawn Said:

Are those posts on craigslist that say take over payments of a house with no credit check bogus or illegal ??

We Answered:

When someone does this, the seller of the house violates the due on sale clause of their loan

It's a mean way that investors are taking advantage of the current mortgage crisis.

Someone is $3,000 behind in payments. "Friendly investor" comes in to save the day. Pays the $3,000 and takes over the house. (never gets loan in their own name) And the poor seller thinks his credit is saved. Puts house on Craigslist for a "buyer" to get in with no credit check. New buyer gives investor $10,000 down and moves in and starts making payments. At this point, the investor has his $7,000 profit and walks away from the situation. Eventually, the new buyer (the one with the bad credit and can't get a bank to lend him money) falls behind in payments and the bank forecloses.

The buyer lost his $10,000 down payment, the seller gets a foreclosure anyhow..... but the friendly investor got his $7,000.

Jill Said:

Where can I find houses for rent in Hampton, Virginia with no credit check?

We Answered:

Craigslist classifieds are filled with people trying to rent their homes or sublet their apartments so you are probably best checking there. GL :)

Byron Said:

Looking for "no credit check" housing in Waterbury, Ct.?

We Answered:

If there is a ghetto there you should be able to find housing in that neighborhood, although I do not know the rental rates there.

Another place would be the cheap motels, they usually rent by the week.

Shirley Said:

How can I find no credit check rent to own houses in charleston,west virginia?

We Answered:

Everyone does a credit check..The best thing to do is find a renter that is not in Real Estate...a person that just rents homes on the side Your Ad Here

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dish network channels said:

I don’t think that any financial firms will provide finance without checking the credit. It is really impossible according to the strict rules followed by those kinds of firms. Keep sharing more posts on this blog!

Arnold Schwarzenegger said:

I agree, No dealer in their right mind would finance any vehicle without a credit check. You need to face it is going to cost you more than you can think. Informative post.

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