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Rent Check Credit Bureau

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David Said:

Qualifying for apartment - income good but credit shaky?

We Answered:

I've answered similar questions for other users and have found my answer to be quite helpful.

I'm a landlord in the Chicago and if I have applicants with less than good credit (most RENTERS do anyway) I ask for an additional security deposit (usually an amount to cover 2 months rent). I generally check credit for past evictions and judgements that could result in wage garnishment.

While you are on the hunt for your new place, if the owner or management company thinks your credit is an issue you could always suggest your willingness to pay an additional security deposit.

Good luck. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me.

Rosa Said:

In general, what is the average credit score needed to rent an apartment?

We Answered:

I don't think that landlords look at credit scores. They only look for late payments and judgments.

Virginia Said:

Can landlord run credit check without signed privacy disclosure?

We Answered:

Every landlord will run a credit check on you.
The fact that he did it without your permission could be illegal.
But you would have had to give it to him anyway - eventually.
There is no way he can accept you without checking your reports.

Jeremy Said:

No credit check, but reports payments to the credit bureau.?

We Answered:

I suspect that Aarons and Rent-A-Center do not report to the credit bureaus. At least not as the payments are being made. You may be able to submit the paid account to the credit bureau and the rental place may confirm the acount. But I don't think rent to own places pay the fees to report to the credit bureaus.

Esther Said:

I know they check your credit when you move in, but does paying rent at an apartment go on your credit?

We Answered:

I wish it did, but unfortunately, no. However, if you don't pay your rent and get evicted, that goes as an Unlawful Detainer under Public Records.

Franklin Said:

Would a rental credit bureau be a good idea?

We Answered:

There are already more than one credit bureau's out there, but I see your point. Landlords often use good rental histories as a basis to judge future tenants and people with poor credit scores need to bring focus to these types of issues to prospective landlords instead of waiting for them to ask for such information. Still the credit bureau's do serve a function that if the person who can afford to pay all their expenses still is often late in doing so shows a lack of responsibility and if you were a landlord, would you want an irresponsible person renting your property? Your Ad Here

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The fact that he did it without your permission could be illegal. But you would have had to give it to him anyway - eventually.

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