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Consumer Credit Counseling And Debt Consolidation

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Danny Said:

i have got myself into debt, has anyone ever used the consumer credit counselling service?

We Answered:

You could try the Citizens Advice Bureau. They have fully trained debt advisors and their service is free.

Pauline Said:

Debt Consolidation Program... How long after?

We Answered:

Let me just say " good for you" you have stuck it out and your almost done!

You will have record of that for 7 years after your out of the program but regardless of what people say CCC does not hurt you as much as you think.

Getting credit again ? depends we have had clients get offers within 60 to 90 days. Generally if your with a good ccc they will have provided budget and finance counseling and you have taken the time to get out of debt we don't see a as high of return clients as we see with arbitration and bankruptcy.

You may be able to do a really good credit restoration program in 2 to 3 years and remove most of that verbiage.

Be proud of yourself and dont get discouraged ! .......Remenber 8 out of 10 people enrolled in our services have read , preached and tried Dave Ramsey( who is a great by the way You may enjoy his book to keep you on the right path after your done ) and still ended up here a year later. Not everything will work for everybody.

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Velma Said:

What are the pros and cons of consumer credit counselling and debt consolidation?

We Answered:

There is an article here about debt consolidation counseling which may help you.

I wish you luck!

Johnnie Said:

Debt consolidation or not?

We Answered:

Debt consolidation programs usually leave you worse off than you were originally. My suggestion would be to call your creditors and ask them if they could get you onto a payment plan that will work for you. Also, pick the card with the lowest rate and ask them if you could consolidate all of your debt to their card with the agreement that you will close other cards. They may do this, and then you will only have to make 1 payment per month and deal with 1 company when you're having trouble making payments. If this isn't an option, try to make your minimum payments while any extra money goes to the card with the highest interest rate.

Beverly Said:

Attn: Debt Consolidation Participants...Past and Present?

We Answered:

Good luck. I have heard after using some company to take care of your debt Banks will treat you as if you have filed bankruptcy. Your Ad Here

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