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Terri Said:

Mobile phone directory inquirers in Ireland?

We Answered:

Worldwide Mobile Phone Directory Enquiries
Easily find the mobile phone numbers of friends and business contacts.

Milton Said:

I want to find out an Business address at USA?

We Answered:

Have you tried good luck

Dana Said:

I want to find out an Business address at Malaysia?

We Answered:

Yellow pages will help u..
or probably if u know the company name try call 103 (directory call link).. ask them address & phone number..

Richard Said:

Can you find who is calling by the phone number, like a reverse directory enquiries?

We Answered:

there is more than one way to do it!!!

here are all the search websites for you....

You never have to pay those exorbitant directory assistance charges again. Check out these sites to find telephone numbers for individuals, businesses and to look up zip codes:

# - Business and residential telephone numbers, zip codes, public records on individuals, maps and local entertainment

# - Find telephone listings for people, businesses, products and get e-mail addresses, maps and city guides

# Who Where - Powered by Lycos, find phone numbers and e-mail addresses for your family and friends or look up info on a celebrity. Or get career and money advice

# Any Who - Find a person or business

# Four11 - Telephone and e-mail addresses

# White Pages - Look up telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, area codes and Web sites.


Anna Said:

i would like to advertise my business online i dont know how to begin?

We Answered:

Get a website and pay for adverts/links on the search engines.
Get you business into the phone directories and directory enquiries.
An easy cheap way is to set up a signature on the emails you send with your name, contacts details, and link to your website.

Geraldine Said:

Directory style search engine?

We Answered:

Hi Caz...

There are two main types of search engine... Directory based and Key Word driven.

Directory search engines are the likes of,,, along with home pages of most broadband service providers like Tiscali etc. This is where people can search for a business or service in a certain area; eg: Who, What, Where search like 'Builders' in 'Birmingham' They are 'powered' by the databases of BT and Thomson Local.

Key word searches bring results of more specific 'phrase' enquiries. The results of a 'key word' search are list or database of Websites who's content and preferred keywords have been checked by the engine's 'spiders' and stored on the database, and shown only if the website content has relevence to the search word or phrase you have entered. Google, Yahoo etc are examples.

You can normally tell if it is a Directory style search as there will normally have two or three boxes to put the info, eg Business Name (Who); Business Type (What); Town or Postcode (Where). Key word search generally only have one box to enter your question or keywords.

Hope that is not too 'techie' and answers your question for you.

Sergio Said:

I want to find out Food Importer business address at malaysia?

We Answered:

Try Telecom Malaysia.
I got thru'
Good Luck!!!

    Directory Of American Business

    Theodore Said:I need a list of african american owned businesses in Compton, California?We Answered:I will bet there is a African American Chamber of Commerce. They will have a directory.Courtney Said:where can i find a list of businesses that are looking advertise on tv commercials?We Answered:What you are looking for is the Advertising Redbook: Advertisers. It will give you information about media expenditures and key contacts for all American advertisers. There is also another that gives a listing of agencies. You can subscribe online for $1200. The books may be in your public library.Maxine Said:Does anyone know how...

    Directory Of Businesses

    Elizabeth Said:How do I get businesses interested in advertising in my local business directory?We Answered:Directories need to be redone at least annually. They will need to know WHY people will use this book (and therefore see their ad) Remember - they are asking what's in it for me? They are paying for advertising, so what can get they get in addition? You can offer a discount on a repeat ad. Encourage them to put a coupon in the ad (so they can see if it's working)? Perhaps you can convert it to an online website so they get paper copy...

    Telephone Directory Businesses

    Joshua Said:Is anyone looking for an Online Telephone Directory?We Answered:I was yesterday but not today. Thanks for thinking about me though, you are too sweet Mathew.Betty Said:Can I put a telephone directory on my website?We Answered:;_ylt=AsqJdEo_AsD1f_vDzTtlmgXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080416135641AA5bHCjClarence Said:how to find my telephone number from teliphone directory..?We Answered:In an American telephone directory, the white colored pages are for residences, and the yellow pages are for businesses. In each community there are both white pages and yellow pages. Most directories are listed alphabetically by last name then by first name. They may be organized by town. To find your listing, look first for...

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