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Federal Government Tax Id

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Cheryl Said:

Is the Federal Reserve a government agency or a private bank that has enslaved us all by design?

We Answered:

1. The Fed is privately owned by various entities INCLUDING foreign entities. according to their website "the Fed," is the central bank of the United States. It was created by Congress to provide the nation with a safer, more flexible, and more stable monetary and financial system. Over the years, its role has evolved and expanded."

HA! look what it has done to our economy, our dollar which they have devalued 96%.

and id like to know whats included in their "evolved, expanded role".…

2. Yes, I care. you have to care they run our economy.

3. we are all slaves to the federal reserve. NOT ONE DIME of our income taxes goes to "run" government. it goes to interest payments paid to the Fed on money we "borrow" from them. of course they dont actually "earn" the money they "lend" to us, they just create it out of thin air.

yeah, seems fair.......…

4. NO there is NO LAW that says we HAVE to pay our income taxes. google "show me the law".…

the income tax is the biggest fraud in american history.…

Howard Said:

Once the government has control over the health care industry, what else will they tax to pay for it?

We Answered:

In California, there's a loud call to tax marijuana sales. And in Georgia, one lawmaker says he's not giving up on his proposal for a state strip club surcharge.…

The federal government would amass greater power over the financing and delivery of medical services; it would also determine the benefits and medical procedures that Americans would get and the prices providers are paid for them. This concentration of government power over health care would have a profound impact on all Americans, especially members of the medical profession.

Such government control would:
Result in substantially lower payments to physicians and other health care providers compared to a multiple-payer system;
Reduce the quality of care by limiting the ability of physicians to invest in advanced medical equipment that takes advantage of new technology;
Limit access to care in the near term, as current physicians and other professionals retire earlier or otherwise leave the profession;
Limit access to care even more substantially in the long term, as the prospect of lower lifetime earnings reduces the incentive for talented people to choose careers in health care; and
Reduce the rate of medical progress, because fewer talented people receiving medical training decreases the supply of talented medical researchers. o_O

Wade Said:

whats the diffrence between a state tax id and a federal tax id?

We Answered:

They are two completely different numbers. The federal ID is used by the federal government in identifying a company when they pay federal, medicare, and social security taxes.
The State tax ID number is used only by the state the company orginates from to pay state and local taxes and unemployment taxes as well.

April Said:

How does the federal government spend tax money?

We Answered:

There are many websites you can visit, but I found one that is really above all the others:…

It's a very beautiful chart and shows where all the money goes in detail.

Kelly Said:

I need to find out where I can search to get a copy of my federal tax id record for my government business?

We Answered:


Try or

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Leo Said:

Do I need a business license or federal tax ID number for my website and LLC?

We Answered:

you got an EIN number when you created your LLC that is your id # Your Ad Here

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