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Francis Said:

Is there a free site on the internet that can tell me historical stock qotes?

We Answered:

Yahoo Finance is the best. Just put in a stock symbol, then look at the menu to the left the quote to find the hyperlink for "Historical Prices." You can go back as many years as you want, and you can even download the quotes to Excel and chart them.

Clyde Said:

Is there any free web service, to provides live NSE/BSE stock quotes, Gold/Silver prices and ForEx rates?

We Answered:

You need to download Metatrader - that gives you live prices and historical data for all the Major currency pairs and gold and silver. This is what most day traders like me work off and the FX providers use.

You can download and use a demo account for free, or open a live trading account if you choose to.

I use it for charting and a spread betting platform to trade off.

The beauty of it is that you can insert your own custom indicators - pivot points and they like which makes it much much easier to trade.

A link to one provider is below, they also have a US site if you are based there.

Rosa Said:

Where can I find free historical stock price quotes for merged and defunct companies?

We Answered:

The best place for current, accurate, reliable business information for current, defunct, and merged companines is Hoovers Business Database:

Contact your local college or public librarian to get full access to the subscription version (and it won't cost you a thing if you use your library):

    Free Historical Stock Quote


    Historical Daily Stock Quotes

    Geraldine Said:where can i find historical quotes (daily or weekly) on the s&p500 p/e ratio? Name of website please.?We Answered:Earning are reported quarterly Stock prices are daily There a number of historical charts available on the web (see source 1) If only interested in the last 5 yrs or so, you can use… selecting an indictor of P/E ratio press the draw chart button....

    Historical Quotes Stock Market

    Jose Said:Getting 'open source' historical INTRADAY stock quotes?We Answered:Number one, I'm not sure what you mean by "raw data." You've given a lot of info here, exept defining your terms. Number two, I don't think you're going to get intraday data for free, unless some kind-hearted individual gives it to you. From websites, forget it. Number three, do you realize how much space a 1 min data file takes? I keep a few 1 min and 2 min files, mostly on the Dow, and other indexes, but only about 9 months fit in a Excel spreadsheet of 65,000 rows. That is a...

    Historical Stocks

    Ricardo Said:Where can I get historical fundamnetal data for all american traded stocks?We Answered:I don't think that is possible. Many pink sheet stocks do not publish financial data. But if the company is traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX you should be able to find historical fundamental data for most but not all at Ralph Said:Where to find historical financial statements in excel format for US listed stocks?We Answered:check Dow Jones website, and… and yahoo financeJessica Said:Is there a site that lists the historical value of specific S&P stocks within the last month or two?We Answered: Use...

    Historical Stocks Quotes

    Jose Said:Is there a tool to dynamically query historical finance quotes (IBM etc.), preferably down into Excel?We Answered:If you click on this URL, it will give you the historical quotes for IBM directly from yahoo's finance pages. The quotes will be in CSV format, and excel will open them right up.…Ernest Said:Need to download historical price data on stocks?We Then go to the stock you want prices for and click "Historical Prices" in the left hand column. You should have all the data you need....

    Historical Stock Chart

    Aaron Said:Historical stock price of Delta Airlines?We Answered:Yahoo finance - you have to use the pre bankruptcy emergent entity for the older prices and the new ticker (NYSE:DAL) for the new stock price. I think the ticker is DALRQ.PK, hit the max button on the price chart and select historical prices. If you are comparing apples to apples (pre bankruptcy and post), make sure to adjust the prices for any stock splits and the whole re-org new listing, etc.Arnold Said:What's the best site to download stock historical price data?We Answered:Yahoo has it, and as of a day or...

    Historical Stock Charts


    Historical Stock Information

    Michele Said:where do I find information on historical stock quotes for a company no longer in existance?We Answered:Library newspaper archives. Your brokerage firm probably be willing to do the research for you. They have all the data electronically. Best wishes.Scott Said:Analyze stock performance using yahoo historical data and excel spreadsheet?We Answered:Most common used indicators are PE ratios, growth earning estimate, current trading price and news on the stock. I also check the moving averages, institutional holdings and overall industry outlook before I trade in a stock.Tammy Said:Where can I purchase detailed historical stock information?We Answered:These are free -...

    Historical Stock Market Chart

    Lillian Said:Where can I find a graph or table which delivers historical annual stock market trends for Blue-cap, Mid-cap?We Answered:We have a problem. First I think you've mixed Large-cap and Blue-chip to get Blue-cap, or at least someone in the office has. Be assured, there ain't no such creature. And it doesn't get easier. I think what you want to do is get information regarding several major indexes. The Dow Jones 30 is made up of "Blue-chip" stocks. For your purposes the S&P500 would also work fine and you could probably make a case for the Nasdaq 100 as well. For...

    Historical Stock Market Charts

    Harold Said:Where can I find historical stock market indexes values?We Answered:Any charting program, even Yahoo! Finance, will give you historical quotes (open, high, low, close for each day). Here is a 5 Year on the S&P:… I hope this helps! http://www.ez-traders.comBenjamin Said:Where can I find historical daily stock market raw! data?We Answered:To do this manually, you are talking about a maintenance nightmare. Get ready to devote your life to it. Alternatively, you can download a trading program that is designed for this function and it will do it automatically. When you open a brokerage account, they will have a trading platform available that...

    Historical Stock Market Prices

    Joshua Said:How to get historical monthly stock prices of Arcelor?We Answered:What market are the shares being traded on? It should have a web site with graphs etc. like the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).Sam Said:How to look up previous stock market prices?(see details please)?We Answered:THrough Yahoo Finance you open the page of the particular stock and click the historical prices tab on the left side of the screen. All you need is the date and it will give you the high, low, closing, etc.Jon Said:Do historical stock market returns account for dividends (which is a form of return) or just stock prices?We...

    Historical Stock Market Quotes


    Historical Stock Price Information

    Amber Said:Where can I find historical stock price information for Gulf States Utilities Company?We Answered:www.bigcharts.comRonnie Said:I need to obtain historical price for a stock traded on NYSE in 1996 that is no longer traded.?We Answered:Try the library. You might be able to download valueline on your computer from your library, if you have a card, and find out there....

    Historical Stock Price Quote


    Historical Stock Price Quotes


    Historical Stock Quote


    Historical Stock Quotes


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