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Bank Account Poor Credit History

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Raymond Said:

I need to open a basic bank account, no lending or overdraft required, but i have poor credit history?

We Answered:

?redit repair work?d fine to fix my credit. They disputed and removed lots of bad items from my credit report. I used this service -

Troy Said:

I have a poor credit history and cant seem to get a current account to help rebuild it.?

We Answered:

Go to a bank like HFC who specialise in Non-prime lending - they offer banking facilities to those people who have a poor credit history, but be warned, they hit you hard on interest if you borrow anything

Cynthia Said:

I have poor credit, my boyfriend has good, will it affect a joint bank account application?

We Answered:

Leave your name out of his accounts if you have bad credit.
Living together, they may demand your ss number and review your credit reports.
After the house is bought - then you can add your name to it.

Do you realize that if you get married that house will be in his name and his name only for the rest of your lives?
(Unless you re-fi, which will cost thousands in closing costs).
Friend to friend, this is a bad idea.
Someday, 10 years down the road, he could find himself a prettier girl - leave you.
You will have nothing to your name.
You will not be able to claim half the house as an asset since it was purchased before the marriage.
Even if you helped pay the mortgage for decades.

Why is your credit history poor?
Lack of credit history is not a big deal.
If you have a bad score - pay off any credit card in full - watch the score skyrocket.
If you have judgements - pay them, the score does not go up, but the finance people at banks don't focus on the scores - some don't even look at them - they focus on what is on the report.
Judgements showing paid will be very positive.

Geraldine Said:

business bank account with bad personal credit history?

We Answered:

If i understand correctly , you wish to open another account but are finding it difficult to get accepence yes?
Go to
navigate to the money tab at the top of the page and give the search engine your details, (dont worry, these searches are not recorded on your credit record as stated), and see if they can help you, they search through hundreds of banks, building societys, lenders etc, and they search for your personal criteria, hopefully this will help you.
Good luck

Darren Said:

can i open a bank account with a poor credit history,been refused from a few .?

We Answered:

Yes the government changed the law a few years back to make it easier for people with poor credit to open bank accounts.

Try running a search on the internet, I saw an advert recently where the company (only worked with poor credit) was able to open a bank account in your name with a debit/cheque guarantee card and cheque book for just 29.95. Unfortunately I threw the advert away, but you should be able to find details on line.

Patrick Said:

Are There Any Banks That Dont Check Credit or Bank History to open a checking account?

We Answered:

Your credit history should not have any bearing on opening a checking account.

If you have left BANKS holding the bag for bad checks, then I doubt any bank will let you open an account. That's what it sounds to me like you did. Your Ad Here

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