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Jennifer Said:

Can I move my credit history when moving from Canada to US?

We Answered:

The answer to your question is...


Check this link out below - very informative:…

Marshall Said:

How much time it takes to build a credit history in Canada as i am using credit card for last 2 months ?

We Answered:

As mentioned, it takes a few years to build a decent credit history. It's easy to keep up payments for 2 months on one debt, to be able to do it for the 5 years a loan would last.

Here's the best way to establish a credit history:

1) Establish a checking and savings account: Sounds like a no brainer, but there are many people that don't have one. Lenders see bank accounts as a sign of stability. Make a regular transfer from your checking to your savings on every payday and leave the money there....this shows you can handle a regular payment, plus you are saving up some cash that can be used as collateral on a debt.

2) Do you have any monthly bills that you can establish in your name? Do you have a cell phone that is in your parents name that you can perhaps switch to yours jointly? Paying bills on time shows that you can handle making payments on a regular basis and you are responsible in that manor.

3) Use someone elses good credit to improve your own: Set up a joint debt with a parent or someone with good credit. That way you get approved and then work your butt off to pay it off as soon as possible. This will help boost your credit rating as well.

4) Apply got a credit card: IT's the simpliest form of credit to get. If you can't get a regular credit card, ask for a secured credit card. A secured credit card is where you give them $500 for a deposit and they give you a $500 limit on your card to make sure they get paid. After you've shown that you can handle the debt request a regular card and get your deposit back. A secured card witll help give you a credit score as well. USe your credit card on a regular basis, whether you need to or not, just make sure you pay it off before the interest kicks in. Every once in a while rack it up all the way and pay if off all the way within the month (never spend more than your monthly paycheck'll never catch up!

5) Get a store credit card: Again, very easy to get.

6) after you've used your credit card for a little while, try to get the smallest loan possible, like a $3000 loan or something, where it will have monthly payments. Pay it off faster than the scheduled payments, but not right away in one big lump sum.

Bessie Said:

Does your credit history transfer from Canada to USA or vice versa?

We Answered:

Credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, TransUnion, Northern Credit Bureaus and Equifax, and others only collect information from creditors about consumers’ financial experiences in a particular country and is seperate from other countries credit reporting agencies and vice versa.

There are many reasons why credit reports do not transfer from one country to the next. The main reason behind this is because of differences in national laws. Every country, and the European Union, has its own laws governing credit reporting and information use. In addition to legal barriers, there are significant contractual complications around how businesses in other countries would access reports, report and update information and respond to consumer disputes. There also are a number of technical issues around how information is collected, stored and shared that further complicates transferring your credit report.

Marion Said:

How Can I transfer my good credit history in the USA to Canada?

We Answered:

You can not transfer your american credit history anywhere. But you may still use american-issued credit cards in Canada or anywhere else. That should cover you for some time that it would take to build your new credit history. Good luck in Canada.

Fred Said:

Good credit history in US, can I use the SSN for credit history in Canada too?

We Answered:

No, in Canada, you don't have a credit history, it's a different country. You can use your CC there, but history be in US. Good Luck!

Raymond Said:

Does your credit history in Canada disappear after a certain time if you dont pay debts?

We Answered:


Miguel Said:

How long does it take to establish a credit history in Canada?

We Answered:

Your credit history starts from the time of your first debt. Your Ad Here

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