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See My Credit History

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Ian Said:

Cheapest Way To See Your Credit History?

We Answered:

Well I'm amazed....not one silly answer about going to FreeCreditReports.Com! The idiots here just love to post that site.

The ONLY place you can get free credit reports is by going to

No gimmicks....

Ronald Said:

how long do creditors want to see good payment history on my credit report to be considered good?

We Answered:

Use the Credit Bureau sites. Read everything on these sites. They give good advice and guidance toward improving your credit record. Each year you can now get a free report from each of them. You can also buy a report that includes you FICO score. This number will give you and potential lenders an idea of what to expect from you regarding repayment of debts.

It is more than just time. It matters what else is on your record, how stable your residence has been, even where and what kind of home you live in. It helps to learn which lenders are more lenient, and to start with them and work your way up carefully.

Lynn Said:

I want to get a loan from a loan company, I know they can check to see my credit history but can they also?

We Answered:

yes they see that

Melinda Said:

When a landlord checks your credit, do he see your detailed credit history or just the basic credit score?

We Answered:

I can't imagine only getting the number. I always get a full credit report, and yes it show everything. Once you sign the authorization to pull your credit report they have full access to your information.

Todd Said:

what can i do not to decrease my credit history?

We Answered:

I agree with Jeremy

Leave the card open because if you close it then you will risk dropping your FICO score and age

Every now and then buy something very small ($20 or less) and pay it in full to keep the account active... Your Ad Here

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