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To Build Credit History

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Miriam Said:

If I wanted to build credit history, would this work?

We Answered:

Yes, that's essentially how I use credit.
I buy gas for my car and pay in full each month.
Having good credit saves you in car insurance, home insurance, and gets you better jobs.

Never pay in full before you get your bill in the mail.
Credit card companies report your balance to the bureaus on the closing date.
You want to show usage on your credit report.

Evelyn Said:

What is the best way to build credit. Have been turned down for not enough credit history.?

We Answered:

just think you are better off than 85% of the folks in this world == every other queston is from folks up to there ears in debt == well you will have to start off slow i am sure if you went to the back where your checking/savings account you could get a visa card through them -- and slowly build from there!!!

June Said:

Is 3 months enough to build credit history?

We Answered:

Auto finance is what I do for a living and anything short of 24-months is considered not enough time.

For some lenders it's even longer like 3-5 years.

Kristin Said:

Does it help being an authorized user of a credit card build credit history?

We Answered:

Yes & No.
#1 - Add her as Authorized user, but add her social number on it or else it won't get reported into her credit.
#2 - NEVER add her as Joint user, because you can't take it off later, they will make u close the account if you want her off.
#3 - After you add her, never go over 30% of the credit limit or else it will hurt her score and overall credit rating.

Add like 3 or 4 credit cards to her name and you will see her credit score jump up to like 700-800 Fico. I do it all the time =)

Henry Said:

27 year old English Immigrant trying to build credit history in the US?

We Answered:

If she has an income, she should be able to apply for a Visa card from most banks with a small limit. Charge a small amount to it and then pay it in full. Do this once a month for several months and she should be able to qualify for a higher limit and will have a decent FICO score to get loans.

Allan Said:

What are some ways to build credit history without a credit card?

We Answered:

It is hard to raise a credit score without a credit card or a revolving account (Macy's).

The reason being, you have to build history with responsible credit use. Which is why many say having bad credit is better than having no credit.

You could get a auto loan or a student loan, but those types of loans have very little impact on your credit score.

Also the history will be low. Once the account closes you have nothing else to keep your history going.

It is best to get a couple of credit cards and carry a 15 percent blance or lower. If you cant get approved for a credit card, look into a secured credit card from a large lender. Or you could think about opening a store account.

I know your question was how to without credit cards.... but your FICO will take a hit and tell you the reason is no major Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover open.

Virgil Said:

can you build credit history without a social security number?

We Answered:

No you can not. Your Ad Here

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