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  • Tourism Business For Sale


    Tracy Said:i got a tourism agency but i would like to start a business?We Answered:The tourism industry is one part of hospitality industry, the other being travel. Esentially there are two types of intensive and huge investments. The first is airlines and the second is all types of...

  • Distributor Business Opportunity


    Stacey Said:Are you looking for a great business opportunity that is healthy and helps the environment?We Answered:Yes I am...can you post a link to site?Irene Said:Has anyone heard of a 'business opportunity' called 'The Team'?We Answered:'The Team' is an offshoot from Quixtar or Amway as it used to be known. If...

  • Consumer Credit Counseling Programs


    Ricky Said:Have you used Consumer Credit Counseling Service or Christian Crossroads Debt Management program?We Answered:I used Consumer Credit Counseling Services several years ago and was very happy. They worked with my creditors to lower both my monthly payments and interest rate. I was debt free in 36-months.Marc Said:Will consumer credit counseling services...

  • Creative Business Brokers


    Jesus Said:Is this a realistic business idea?We Answered:I hate to break this to you, but lots of real estate agents are also in the loan broker business. Yes, the other posters here are correct in thinking that you'd need licenses for both in most states. Those of us that aren't...

  • Filing Extension Income Tax


    Tanya Said:I haven't filed state or fed. income tax returns for 3 or 4 years. Can I file for an extension this year - orWe Answered:If you have your w-2 forms you need to go back and file the first year first and then move forward. Say 2004 first, 2005...

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