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  • Tax Exemption Form


    James Said:On a state income tax return form what is meant by "personal exemption?"?We Answered:On Illinois and federal tax returns, and I bet on the other states as well, an exemption is the money you can deduct from your income for each person on the return. 1 for the...

  • Corporation Credit Rating


    Javier Said:How does a small business get its credit rated?We Answered:unless you just want to rush in i would contact the small business admin and asked for there assistance -- but if you want to do it strictly on your own the bank will loan you the money based on...

  • Best Stock Chart


    Kristin Said:What is the best ,buy and sell signal , stock chart formula?We Answered:If total volume is higher than normal and stock price is higher than average price than stock is on bull side so one can catch stock on around average(Best Buy) and if it fall down average price...

  • Providian Credit Card Apply


    Byron Said:Credit Cards......?We Answered:Closing accounts can sometimes hurt your rating. See the first link below. You are right in keeping your oldest accounts open, as your credit score is partially based on how long you have had credit. The second link is Yahoo's information on improving your credit rating....

  • Csc Credit Services


    Marlene Said:I seem this on my credit report and I do not know what this mean can anyone break it down to me.?We Answered:1. "Guarany" is a misspelling of Guaranty 2. "Tradeline Information: TXU Energy and Guarany Bank" means that you have, or had, an account at TXU Energy and Guaranty...

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