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Inheritance Tax In Australia

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Christy Said:

Do you pay tax on money left to you in a will in Australia?

We Answered:

In most cases, the answer is NO!

However, there are always exceptions to the rule and it depends on how you define the terms used. There is no inheritance tax, but the assets of the deceased may be subject to other taxes. A person still subject to income tax and other taxes up to the date of death, with the estate being subject to tax on earnings.

1. Cash left to beneficiaries of a will is not income and therefore not taxed.

2. The proceeds from the sale of the deceased primary place of residence (home) left to beneficiaries is also tax-free. (Also CGT free)

3. Investments may be subject to capital gains tax. The transfer of an asset is deemed to be a CGT event. If you have been left an investment, then you may be liable for the tax on the gain when you sell. (Half the gain is added to your taxable income). If the estate sells the investment then the estate pays the CGT.

4. Superannuation funds (known as 401K's to our Seppo friends)left to non-dependents attract a 16.5%* tax. that includes the value of any insurance that forms part of the super fund.

However, it is common for the executors of the estate to determine what level of taxes (if any) apply and then pay the taxes out of the estate before distributing the proceeds. Therefore, any tax that is due will be paid before you get the money from the will, so no extra tax will be payable.

Once the money has been distributed, then any income derived from that money is taxable by the person who inherited it.

* Untaxed super funds (unfunded government defined benefit funds) are taxed at 31.5%

Hope that helps. More details would allow a more detailed answer. e-mail me if you need further info.

Earl Said:

If my parents in Australia gift me 60,000 as inheritance do i have to report it to the IRS?

We Answered:

The relevant taxes in the US are estate tax and gift tax. Neither of these are paid by the recipient. The only reporting would be done by your bank, which would report to the parent agency of the IRS, the U.S. Treasury Department. (Nothing to worry about unless the money is from drugs or terrorism.)

I hope this helps.

Juan Said:

I am about to inherit some money from a deceased relative in the UK. Do I have to pay tax on this?

We Answered:

We don't have an inheritance tax in Australia and you only pay tax on a capital gain if you dispose of or sell an asset.

Willie Said:

is there inheritance tax in tasmania?

We Answered:

There is no "inheritance" tax in Australia that i am aware of. Most tax laws are administered by the federal government (ATO) and there is no "inheritance" tax in that system. Unless there is some wacky state tax (State Revenue Office) in Tasmania, but i've never heard of it.

There can be Capital Gains Tax implications though in some situations for the estate (not often), and usually for you if you sell any assets inheritated (shares, property etc). Speak to your accountant about the specifics...

Frederick Said:

I have been left $35,000 in my grandma's will. Do I have to pay tax on this? I'm in Australia.?

We Answered:

We don't have inheritance taxes in Australia. But if you're inheriting something of value other than cash there could be tax consequences. Your Ad Here

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Christo said:

My brother and I have been left 66% of a will, but would like to split it 3 ways so our half brother gets a third. Would there be tax implications doing it this way?

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I am about to inherit some money from a deceased relative in the UK. Do I have to pay tax on this?

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Cash left to beneficiaries of a will is not income and therefore not taxed.

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