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Clifford Said:

What is easy, low investment and profitable Internet business?

We Answered:

The ideas need to come from you. Ive been setting people up on internet for as long as its been called internet. I can tell you how to setup an impressive website for free. You can sell anything you want on commission thru the tons of affiliate programs available.

But such sites make it or fail based on the attention of the owner. Pick a subject, choose affiliate items, get a free website, make a webpage, get it on search engines, make money. Any subject. It can be an item, hobby, games, craft, sport, pet, country, any subject at all. I dont care if its collecting unicorns or watching hummingbirds. It can be something you know a lot about or it can be something you WANT to know a lot about. Is there something that you bug your friends because when you get on the topic you talk about it way too much?

Lets say that its golf. You setup a web page then you search for affiliations on the topic of golf. You can offer golf equipment, training videos, books, funny tshirts with golf sayings on them, etc etc.

Then you need to get attention to your site. You can try out and write reviews on everything you offer on your site. You can link to news and how-to articles about golf. You can add a discussion forum about golf, you can do a newsletter that people sign up for which covers hot golf news items (and mentions new items in your shop). Do you begin to see why it needs to be something you love?

A couple of strong affiliate programs are and, or you can go to CommissionJunction to shop thru their affiliates. These work because the companies know that a "golf" site is better for selling "golf" items. Check those out and think "can I pitch this better than they are pitching it".

Whatever subject you pick, you can make it THE site to go to for information on that subject. Those are the sites that work. The ones that the person is in love with. When you get a subject, come back and ask how you can build a site around it.

If you absolutely HAVE to have something more structured than that, check out CafePress. Or how about a skill? Graphics? cartoon doodling? writing? poetry? juggling? music? photography? expert game player? It doesnt have to be something you are good at. Just something you do a lot. Or it might be that your skill really is just a triple-A motivated entrepreneur salesman personality. Maybe someone elses skill. Do you have a teenager in the house with an exceptional skill at wise-cracking and rude comments on everything? Thats actually very marketable and can really hold down your stress levels by making you smile when he lets one off. Start a free shop in CafePress, design tshirts and bumperstickers. CP will make and sell them and you get a dollar or two for each sale.…

Bernice Said:

How easy is it to start a business on the internet?

We Answered:

It is as easy as having a desire to make a business that suits your interests. My wife and I have built our business online through a program available on the Internet. The program also has a forum where you can ask others for help in building your business. This program has helped me to design and build a website that is ranking high in the search engines like Yahoo and Google. These high rankings are bringing targeted traffic to my website for free. No advertising costs. No pay per click ads.
If you don't quite have a business idea in mind, the program can help to spark some ideas. I would be happy to answer any questions about the program. You can message me through my Yahoo Answers Profile page. I hope this helps.

Dorothy Said:

is there easy internet business i can start quick and easyon google?

We Answered:

You can believe all the hype from the other guys or you can read this free guide and finally get the truth about internet opportunities:

Penny Said:

What is an easy internet business with small cash flow?

We Answered:

no legitimate business can guarantee you positive cash flow or profit and it won't be "easy" or hassle free either Your Ad Here

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