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Tara Said:

Wheres the best and newest business forum on the Internet?

We Answered:

Business forum is a bit vague. Try using Google to search for a forum suited to your specific needs.

Mario Said:

What is the IRS stand on Donations to an Internet Forum and how is it reported? As a business...?

We Answered:

then the donations are taxable income, and the forum is trated as a business. Of course, in that case, and expenses are subtracted.

Sally Said:

What would you do if you had $10,000 and wanted to start an internet business. What &where would you sell?

We Answered:

It sounds like you are a good entrepreneur. Excellent. But the ideas need to come from you. Ive been setting people up on internet for as long as its been called internet. You can sell anything you want on commission thru the tons of affiliate programs available.

But such sites make it or fail based on the attention of the owner. Pick a subject, choose affiliate items, get a free website, make a webpage, get it on search engines, make money. Any subject. It can be an item, hobby, games, craft, sport, pet, country, any subject at all. I dont care if its strange flowerpots or the latest in dieting. It can be something you know a lot about or it can be something you WANT to know a lot about. Is there something that you bug your friends because when you get on the topic you talk about it way too much?

Lets say that its golf. You setup a web page then you search for affiliations on the topic of golf. You can offer golf equipment, training videos, books, funny tshirts with golf sayings on them, etc etc.

Then you need to get attention to your site. You can try out and write reviews on everything you offer on your site. You can link to news and how-to articles about golf. You can add a discussion forum about golf, you can do a newsletter that people sign up for which covers hot golf news items (and mentions new items in your shop). Do you begin to see why it needs to be something you love?

A couple of strong affiliate programs are and, or you can go to CommissionJunction to shop thru their affiliates. These work because the companies know that a "golf" site is better for selling "golf" items. Check those out and think "can I pitch this better than they are pitching it".

Whatever subject you pick, you can make it THE site to go to for information on that subject. Those are the sites that work. The ones that the person is in love with. When you get a subject, come back and ask how you can build a site around it.

Jessie Said:

What are some good internet forums for small business owners?

We Answered:

Start an online business selling specialised products
You’re far more likely to succeed selling products online if you deal in a specialised market. For example, items such as custom-made jewellery, pet products, motor sport videos, telescopes, rare coins and a myriad of other niche markets could be sold from a website that targets pople interested in these things.

Erika Said:

Recommendations for Internet Forums for Small Business Forums and Entrepreneurs?

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