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Eddie Said:

Do you have an internet business or store? If so share your best/worse experience.?

We Answered:

I have been selling home decor items online for about 6 months, with a friend's help (she does most of the work, I do the books & finances). We have experienced several frustrating situations: many damage claims with UPS and FedEx, even though we have researched best way to pack our product; ebay has been making many changes to their site, which always affects the listed items in some way; and also the fees incurred to list items and to have a store is really ridiculously high. There is a fee for everything!
Overall, we have enjoyed it-the shopping for inventory is the best! After 6 months, we are finally beginning to show a profit. We hope to expand to other auction sites soon. Next will come a "brick & mortar store." My friend just dreams of having a "real" store!

Howard Said:

How is Blockbuster still in business, when basically everything is pirated on the internet?

We Answered:

I know you'll find this hard to believe, but only about 15% of the "average" citizens are computer literate enough to download, share, or pirate files on their computers. Most people are lucky if they can open and read their e-mail. They say too for every house that has a computer there are still 2 households that do not have one. That leaves a lot of folks who still need Blockbuster to be in business. The Blockbuster near my house stays packed all the time. Go figure!

Steve Said:

what does the expansion pack of sims mean and can you have an elevator in sims 2 seasons or sims 2 free time?

We Answered:

An expansion pack is like an add-on to the game. They add something new to the sims, like clothes, build mode options, furniture, and places for your sims to go. But for any of these, you HAVE to have a base game.

Depending on what you want to add to your game, you buy and install the expansion pack. If you want to add businesses your sims can own (including the building of elevators), you buy Sims 2 Open For Business expansion. If you want to add Seasons and gardening objects, you buy Sims 2 Seasons expansion.

Lewis Said:

I need to write a business plan in order that my bank will loan me some money?

We Answered:

Hi there, I'll talk from experience :)

First off, make sure you are ready to literally express every part of your business and what it is all about. Make it clear in your business plan who you'll be targeting, why you are targeting that particular group and of course it's competitors and finance margins etc. It's very time consuming but if you're as eager and I am you'll embrace it with open arms. As far as terminology, presentation and format, it really depends what your business actually is. Seeing as you've not really mentioned that, I have found many free online templates to work on. If you're from the UK, you can also approach Barclays Bank who'll gladly send you a free information pack with information as to how to start and devise your business plan. Alternately you can visit Barclays link I've supplied below for more advice on the matter.

Also Barclays may or may not be the bank you wish to deal with its always an idea to get a prospective from there point of view. They're been very prompt and good with me.

Make an appointment with your local tax office and explain your idea, I've also done this without disclosing any more information about what your proposed business - but they can give you general details about free courses to help you get started.

If you're anything like me, you'll want to get stuck in right now - so, with all the resources over the internet I'd download some sample templates and go from there. For a bit of brain storming, write down questions you believe a banker would ask you - lets say you had $ or £150,000 to invest what questions would YOU ask someone who wanted YOUR cash? Try to answer as much as you can, and find a place for your answers in your business plan.
After-all for a bank its all about investments and making money - terminology needs to be concise, clear but not blinding with science, it just needs to make sense, and presented well.

I've included some links and I hope they help. I could go on forever but I hope these webpages can help you.

Good luck!

Gwendolyn Said:

Do you need a wireless router for laptop wireless internet?

We Answered:

When come to traveling, you really don't need to pack your own wireless router. There are places like McDonald that have "WIFI hotspots" that allow you to access them. However, they are not free and would be hard to get access for free. If you are interested, go to your local McDonald and pick up some information on it. The phone number that is provided will tell you the costs to use the service.

If you a business man and you have lots of income cash flow which make about $1,000 a month. Depending on the serivice coverage that Verizon Wireless provided, you can get unlimited access to wireless internet for $79.99 plus taxes. McDonald's hotspot would charge you a few bucks but only if you are shoping in their place.

Regarding to above posts, they have no clues that hotspots are wireless router. If there were a hotspots then obviously they come with a wireless router. Doesn't that make sense to you? Your Ad Here

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