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Ronnie Said:

Who wants to form a group of teen entrepreneurs with me in order to start a new business in Houston/Internet?

We Answered:

what kind of business? u could easily do one on ebay

Tracy Said:

How to get the funding quickly for new internet business.?

We Answered:

Try the following sites.

Michele Said:

Does change of residence require new business license for an internet-based business?

We Answered:

First off, none of the states require a business license to operate an internet business -- e.g. selling on eBay, opening your ecommerce store, writing and earning from a blog; or publishing content on the web.

Business license is different from business registration -- and as an internet business, that is most likely what you will need. You register your business in your county if it is a sole proprietor; and you register your business with the state if you are starting an LLC, corporation or partnership

I suggest you check Arizona's Department of Commerce Small Business Services Step-by-Step Checklist to help you understand what you will be required to start your online business in AZ…

As for changing your residence, it is advisable to move the business with you -- the complexity, however, will depend on the legal structure of your business. Moving a sole proprietorship is easy. If you started a corporation or LLC, you will have to first dissolve the already existing corporation and or LLC re-filing a new corporation in the new state. It is best if you speak with an attorney or accountant to consider your options.

Betty Said:

I need to find a Business Name for my new business. I sale travel services over the internet including hotels.

We Answered:

Unfortuantly your business name is controlled by the availability of domain names - so you need to find available domain names. This you can do at Do not register with registerfly - they have major problems at the moment.

Catherine Said:

What kind of business license do I need for an internet business or ebay business?

We Answered:

The requirements vary according to your state. Call the business license office for your county and just ask them if you need a business license to operate an internet store. I live in Georgia, and in my county, you do.

Patrick Said:

Does anyone know of an internet based company that handles the setting up and registration of a new business?

We Answered:

Hi Amanda,

It seems that lots of people are looking for this same thing. There are many companies out there that provide this service, however I always use one company.
Companies Made Simple -

I have used them many times to register companies on behalf of clients. They do everything online so there is no need to get a solicitor to witness any signatures. They usually register my companies within 3 hours. Oh yeah and I think they are the cheapest I have found. Their packages start at £25 and that includes registering the company AND providing the memorandum and articles of association.

They used to offer companies with bank accounts but unfortunately they don't anymore. What they do offer is a fast track banking option. They can arrange for you to meet an HSBC or Natwest bank manager at the Companies Made Simple offices in Central London. This makes setting up the bank account really fast and last time I checked you also get a £20 cash back if you set up the bank account through them.

They are super reliable, their parent company is actually a firm of accountants. Oh and they are part of a group of companies that offer loads of services that are usefull to the new business start up. Lots of my clients have gone on to use their Virtual Office services as well.

Good Luck!

Rosa Said:

What type of business ownership is required for an internet business in New Jersey?

We Answered:

no business must be anything specific; that is up to the founder, and his/her CPA and

thus, when you start, you can be [by default] a proprietorship. When you are
pocketing $1m a year, then, go LLC. if you earn any money from it,
you will be very lucky; [Forrester Research, Aus.] Your Ad Here

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