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Starting An Internet Business

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Marshall Said:

how do i start an internet porno business?

We Answered:

Like any other internet related business, you have to come up with your own name, sponsors, get linked and start trading. You have to obtain certain licenses and such aswell. Now as far as the content, you CAN provide other people's pornography aswell but it has to be linked to the source. Otherwise it's sort of plagarism (but it's not called plagarism, I just can't hink of the actual term). You DO have to provide your own stuff in there too though in order to make a widely ranged name for your cite. Most of the time, adult sites are prohibited on almost all sites but you find ways around it. Most site operators will tell you straight up if they want a porn site linked to their site or not. If not, then oh well. There are alot of sites that can and will help you out with this endeavor. Go to and set up an account for starters. Then ask around for help. There are all kinds of artists, actors, actresses, sites to help you out and even online stores. That should get you started. Just be careful. Alot of people start these things and then do something stupid (like allowing child pornography) and they get shut down and sent to court. Hope this helped!
-Later Gator-

Jo Said:

Are there different requirements for starting an internet business than for starting a "storefront" business?

We Answered:

There are significant differences in terms of legal requirements.

An online store is simplier to start in terms of all the regulatory requirements. In many states, all you need is to register your business and get sales tax. Note that business registration is different from business licensing, and online stores are typically not licensed (those where licensing is required includes daycare, etc.). All you need to do is to go to your county and ask them how to register a business and get a DBA or assumed business name if you are planning to use a name other than your given name.

With an actual storefront, you will need zoning approval, construction permits, business license, business registration, and in some states, you even need a permit if you are playing music in your store.

Ecommerce is certainly the way to go if you have limited resources.

Albert Said:

Do I have to pay tax in the UK for an internet business?

We Answered:

UK residents are taxed on their worldwide earnings. You wil need to register with HMRC and keep records of your business income and expenses.

Therefore, yes, you will pay tax on an internet business.

Natalie Said:

Plan on starting an internet business but have some questions.?

We Answered:

depends on what kinda business ur startin
U dont need a permit to start most online business
the ones that do have different laws in different states

an LLC thats online based can be establish when ever u want, even if all u have right now is a name

but u dont need much to start a business online other than a computer, a few good idea and the willingness to do hard work

if u need help wit the details send me an email

Marcia Said:

starting up an internet web based business?

We Answered:

You're approaching the issue backwards; "web-based" is the "how" of the business, not the "what".

Start by focusing on where your interests and passions coincide with your marketable skills. Do you have a background in retail where you might be able to competitively sell backpacking equipment? Do you have a portfolio as a freelance writer or journalist that could be leveraged to provide an advertiser-sponsored blog, or to write a travel guide? You get the idea.

Next, assess if there is a market for your potential business. Who's your likely consumer? Where are they? How many of them are there? How much does your average customer spend on your type of product or service annually? What do we know about them demographically (age, gender, income, media habits, etc.)? Who's your competition? What sources of competitive advantage do you have to let you break into the marketplace?

Run the numbers: can you sell this product and/or service profitably? Is $15,000 sufficient for start-up capital, bearing in mind that you'll probably run for several months at a very low income level while you build a customer base?

Finally, think about distribution channels. Is this a business that can provide its products/services online? Are these products/services ones that customers will purchase online? Will shipping costs be prohibitive? Is it a purchase they can make just as easily locally from a store? Will they be willing to wait for shipping? Will they be willing to buy the product sight-unseen (like a pair of Oakleys) or will they want to handle it (like a custom guitar)?

Johnnie Said:

What does it take to start an Internet business and grow it into a multimillion pound company?

We Answered:

It needs to be a product that people have a track record of buying, that you are able to reach those buyers easily and that has lots of repeat business and referral potential.

It can cost a very small amount to set up the back bedroom operation - computer with internet connection and a domain name with web hosting.

If you're running it as an internet business do you really need lots of offices? It may be more viable to outsource some things and do the rest from your "headquarters".

The first thing to do is your research into your potential market and then to put together a plan for how you're going to run the business.

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