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Steps To Starting An Internet Business

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Shelly Said:

What steps should one take to starting an online business?

We Answered:

Well first thing you would need to do is market them. You need buyers so i would recommend getting a website together and there are many sites out there that can do this for you if you are not internet savvy. Also you could advertise on ebay, craigslist, and social forums like facebook and myspace. Go to a work at home forum and do some research on the many advertising techniques. They will tell you about website building as well. Hope this helps.

Russell Said:

My bro and I want to start an internet business, whats the first steps?

We Answered:

Uh. First, find something to sell, and a way to profit off the sale of it. Then, produce the product / content you are going to sell. Then figure our who would be likely to buy it and market it to them. Pray for sales and expand as necessary. Done and done.

For the internet specific business, you'll need to build a usable, stable, and comfortable website. Start with a solid hosting package. IIRC, Leasewebs is one of the best. Secondly, invest in the design and backend of your website. Pay a component graphical designer to build the interface and a component coder to build the rest. Expect to pay a few hundred to a thousand dollars depending on the complexity of the site. From they, submit yourself to search engines and optimize as best you can. Don't pay for some expensive consultant, for a while anyway. Market yourself aggressively, but tastefully. If your selling something, offer samples to influential bloggers. Take out ads with google or other services. Once you start building some traffic up, you con supplement your sales with tasteful ads. Again, google adwords works wonders here. Good luck.

Melissa Said:

what is the best aproach to starting an internet based business?

We Answered:

One article that I found very useful is "7 Steps to Successful Web Site Development"… as it takes to you all the decision steps that you need to take when starting an online business.

Like any other business, startup period is full of "should I do this" or "should I do that" questions. The article is useful because it helps you think through every step of the way - from why do you want a website to who is your audience to how will you create your website to how you will market your new website.

Here are the steps you need to take when creating your online business:

STEP 1: Set Your Goals - Why do you want a web site? What is the size of the online market? What are the goals for your website?

STEP 2: Develop Your Web Site Strategy - Who is your website target audience? What typically appeals to your target audience? How are the other websites (your competition) reaching out to this target audience? How will you measure your performance?

STEP 3: Set-Up Implementation Plans - What domain name will you give to your site? How do you envision the design of your web site? How will you create your website? How will you create your content? How will you maintain your website?

STEP 4: Start the Ball Rolling - Do you have a logo? For e-retailers, do you have the critical components needed to run an e-commerce site? How are you going to host your site?

STEP 5: Create and Launch Your Web Site - Have you uploaded your site with your chosen web host provider? Are the scripts and application you need for your website functioning well? Have you tested your website?

STEP 6: Promote Your Web Site and Measure Its Results - Do you have a plan in place to market your website? Do you regularly review your traffic logs and web site performance tracker? How are you going to get sites to link to you? Do you know the search engine keywords that you rank well? If your site is not visible in the search engine results pages for its keywords, what strategies do you intend to do?

STEP 7: Maintain Your Website and Grow Your Web Business - Continue to find ways to grow your web business. How do you intend to continue your education on web development?

Julia Said:

how to start-up an internet business?

We Answered:

Start with a business plan - write your ideas out and use a business plan template for word to guide you through the steps. Next after assembling your ideas research and find a mentor to guide you. There are all kinds of web businesses so find the one that you are suited to. There is no quick way to make money, but you can make money you just have to work at it. Having a plan is the best place to start. Business plans can determine the success or failure of a business.

Joe Said:

What are the steps to starting up my business?

We Answered:

Market research and see if there is a demand for your product or service. The put together a business plan to keep you on track. Set out daily tasks that will move you closer to goal.

Look at finding your USP (unique selling point) and developing that into your marketing strategy, and then research some more.

Think about an internet presence so people can find out about what you do.

Then go to a local government site and see about small business start-up help and information. Then they will likely guide you from there

good luck.

Stephanie Said:

How to start an internet business?

We Answered:

One of the first things I would recommend that you do is start thinking about your interests/passions... and go into an internet business that is based on that. Why? Because it makes the work a lot easier.

Answering the following questions should help you develop ideas:

1) what websites do you visit when you're just surfing online?
2) do you have pets?
3) do you play and sports?
4) do you collect anythings?
5) do you have any specialized education?

See what I mean....

After that,you've got to decide the business model that you want to use - do you want to develop you own product or do you want to be an affiliate marketer (market other peoples products)?

Then you've got to learn basic skills such as building and uploading websites, setting up autoresponders, setting up a merchant account to take orders, etc.

And then, probably the most important part... you have got to learn how to market you business.

If your interested in starting up your own internet business, then I would like to recommend the following great resource:…

This program shows you, step-by-step, how to create a sucessful online busines. But, what is unique about this, is that the creator of the program also provides you with a special hotline, so that you have one-on-one assistance at anytime.

If your interested in affiliate marketing (marketing other people's products/services) then you'll want grab a copy of this book -…

If your interested in joining an existing internet business, then I would recommend SFI Marketing Group (… I would recommend that you join this opportunity either way because 1) its Free and 2) you'll learn a lot through their training.

Anyways, I hope this helps... and I wish you much success.

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